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Core Foundation is a framework that provides fundamental software services useful to application services, application environments, and to applications themselves. With Core Foundation, developers can build cross-platform, easily localized applications, and can share code and data among frameworks, libraries, and applications in different environments and layers more easily than ever. Core Foundation also provides abstractions for common data types, facilitates internationalization with Unicode string storage, and offers a suite of utilities such as plug-in support, XML property lists, URL resource access, and preferences.
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Support for locating, loading, and using various data available to a program.   Policies for creating efficient, reliable, and intuitively usable programs.   High-level messages, such as user actions and changes in an application's status, sent to applications by the operating system.  
Major protocols and services that support networking and communication capabilities.   Tools, techniques, and programming interfaces for measuring, evaluating, and improving code performance.   Facilities for programs to help manage their own scheduling and execution.  
Reference material relevant to the other programming topics listed on this page.   Support for locating, loading, and using various sorts of resources in an application.  

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