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Mac OS X offers game developers state-of-the-art audio, 2D and 3D graphics, networking capabilities, and human interface features.
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Title Topic Date
  Quartz 2D Reference (HTML)
Describes the C API for the native two-dimensional drawing engine in Mac OS X.
Graphics & Imaging 2003-05-15  
  Force Feedback (HTML)
Describes the public interfaces to the Force Feedback implementation in Mac OS X, including support for plug-ins.
Human Interface Device & Force Feedback 2003-05-13  
  Apple Game Sprockets Legacy Reference (HTML) (PDF)
This document describes legacy Game Sprockets functions that are not supported in Carbon.
Carbon 2003-01-15  
  Carbon Porting Guide (HTML) (PDF)
A handbook for developers porting older Mac OS applications to Carbon.
Porting 2002-12-01  
  DNS Service Discovery API (HTML) (PDF)
Explains how to implement registration of network services for easy discovery by clients.
Networking 2002-12-01  
  Rendezvous Network Services (HTML)
Explains how to use Apple's zero-configuration networking architecture in Cocoa applications.
Networking 2002-11-12  
  QuickTime Overview (HTML)
Introduces the main concepts and services of QuickTime.
QuickTime 2002-09-17  
  OpenGL for Mac OS (HTML)
Explains how to use Core OpenGL, Apple's implementation of the industry-standard 3D graphics software.
Graphics & Imaging 2002-08-01  

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