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Apple provides opportunities for developers to create hardware devices, including memory, mass storage, PCI, CardBus, USB, FireWire, and wireless solutions. Developer notes listed in the Apple Hardware topic provide relevant connector, cabling and pin-out information, physical dimensions, electrical and thermal requirements, and pointers and references to standards.

TitleTopic Date
  Working With SCSI Architecture Model Devices (HTML) (PDF) Device Drivers, SCSI 2003-06-12 
  Accessing Hardware From Applications (HTML) (PDF) Device Drivers 2003-05-15 
  Writing an I/O Kit Device Driver (HTML) (PDF) Device Drivers 2003-05-15 
  Force Feedback (HTML) Human Interface Device & Force Feedback 2003-05-13 
  iMac (HTML) (PDF) Apple Hardware 2003-05-09 
  Bluetooth (HTML) Bluetooth 2003-05-01 
  Bluetooth User Interface (HTML) Bluetooth 2003-05-01 
  Working With Device Files for Storage Devices (HTML) (PDF) Device Drivers, Mass Storage Devices 2003-05-01 
  Working With Serial I/O (HTML) (PDF) Device Drivers, Serial 2003-05-01 
  iBook (HTML) (PDF) Apple Hardware 2003-04-22 
  Xserve (HTML) (PDF) Apple Hardware 2003-04-22 
  Writing PCI Drivers (HTML) (PDF) Device Drivers, PCI and PC Card 2003-04-01 
  PowerBook G4 17-inch (HTML) (PDF) Apple Hardware 2003-03-01 
  PowerMac G4 (HTML) (PDF) Apple Hardware 2003-03-01 
  PowerBook G4 - 12 inch (HTML) (PDF) Apple Hardware 2003-01-31 
  PowerBook G4 (HTML) (PDF) Apple Hardware 2002-11-01 
  Working With USB Device Interfaces (HTML) (PDF) Device Drivers, USB 2002-11-01 
  eMac (HTML) (PDF) Apple Hardware 2002-10-01 
  Kernel Extensions (Kernel/libkern) (HTML) Device Drivers 2002-06-25 
  I/O Kit Fundamentals (HTML) (PDF) Device Drivers 2002-05-01 
  Working With FireWire Device Interfaces (HTML) (PDF) Device Drivers, FireWire 2002-04-01 
  User-Mode USB Device Arbitration (HTML) Device Drivers, USB 2002-02-06 
  Writing Drivers for Mass Storage Devices (HTML) (PDF) Device Drivers, Mass Storage Devices 2002-01-01 
  Writing Audio Device Drivers (HTML) (PDF) Device Drivers, Music & Audio 2001-12-01 
  Working With HID Class Device Interfaces (HTML) (PDF) Device Drivers, Human Interface Device & Force Feedback 2001-05-01 
  vDSP Library (PDF) Performance 2001-01-01 
  Network Driver Example (HTML) (PDF) Device Drivers 2000-10-01 
  Network Kernel Extensions (PDF) Device Drivers 2000-03-24 
  All Hardware Products (HTML) Apple Hardware  
  Kernel Extensions Tutorials (HTML) Device Drivers  

Working With SCSI Architecture Model Devices

Accessing Hardware From Applications

Writing an I/O Kit Device Driver

Force Feedback



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