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Mac OS X is the world's most advanced operating system, combining an open source, UNIX-based core with such features as the Aqua user interface, the Quartz graphics system, and rich application-development frameworks. The documents here provide an overview of the concepts and technical capabilities of Mac OS X most relevant to developers.
Mac OS X Resources

TitleTopic Date
  Java 1.4.1 Development for Mac OS X (HTML) (PDF) General 2003-06-11 
  What is Cocoa? (HTML) General 2003-05-07 
  AppleScript on Mac OS X (HTML) General 2003-05-01 
  AppleScript Studio Essentials (HTML) General 2003-05-01 
  Building Applications With AppleScript Studio (HTML) General 2003-04-01 
  System Overview (HTML) (PDF) General 2003-02-01 
  Design Concepts (HTML) General 2003-01-17 
  Integrating Carbon and Cocoa in Your Application (HTML) (PDF) General 2003-01-01 
  Mach-O Runtime Architecture (HTML) (PDF) General 2003-01-01 
  About the Mac OS X Printing System (HTML) (PDF) General 2002-12-11 
  UNIX Porting Guide (HTML) (PDF) General 2002-11-01 
  QuickTime Overview (HTML) General 2002-09-17 
  Introduction to Carbon (HTML) General 2002-08-19 
  Developing Cocoa Java Applications: A Tutorial (HTML) (PDF) General 2002-07-01 
  Developing Cocoa Objective-C Applications: A Tutorial (HTML) (PDF) General 2002-07-01 
  Aqua Human Interface Guidelines (HTML) (PDF) General 2002-06-01 
  I/O Kit Fundamentals (HTML) (PDF) General 2002-05-01 

Java 1.4.1 Development for Mac OS X

What is Cocoa?

AppleScript on Mac OS X

AppleScript Studio Essentials

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