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System-level services in Mac OS X streamline the development process for audio developers, as well as for application developers who want to incorporate music and other audio media into their products. Core Audio provides native multi-channel audio in a manner scalable for future high resolution formats as they arise. Audio Units and Audio Unit Graph (AUGraph) APIs provide a plug-in architecture for both DSP (audio in/audio out) and virtual instruments (MIDI in/audio out). MIDI services allow for multi-port MIDI capability.
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Title Topic Date
  Java 1.3.1 API Reference: QuickTime for Java (HTML)
Describes the cross-platform, Java-based interface to the QuickTime technologies.
Java 2003-06-01  
  Disc Recording C Programming Interface (HTML)
Describes the C API for burning audio and data CDs and DVDs.
Carbon 2003-01-01  
  Disc Recording Objective-C Programming Interface (HTML)
Describes the Objective-C API for burning audio and data CDs and DVDs.
Cocoa 2003-01-01  
  Sound (HTML)
Explains how to load and play audio data in Cocoa.
Cocoa 2002-11-12  
  MIDI File Format (HTML)
Describes the QuickTime implementation of the MIDI file standard.
Carbon, MIDI, QuickTime 2002-09-17  
  Media Handlers: Introduction, Video and Sound (HTML)
Introduces the QuickTime components for processing video and sound media.
QuickTime 2002-09-17  
  QuickTime Audio (HTML)
Explains how to enable recording and playback of various audio media.
Carbon, QuickTime 2002-09-17  
  QuickTime Music Architecture (HTML)
Explains how to enable synthesizing and playing of sounds and musical sequences.
Carbon, QuickTime 2002-09-17  
  Slope/Intercept Audio (HTML)
Explains how to store floating point audio data in QuickTime files.
QuickTime 2002-09-17  
  Standard Sound Dialog Component (HTML)
Describes the QuickTime component that lets the user make audio parameter settings.
Carbon, QuickTime 2002-09-17  
  Writing Audio Device Drivers (HTML) (PDF)
Explains how to develop kernel-resident drivers for audio devices.
Device Drivers, Hardware 2001-12-01  
  Sound Manager 3.3 (HTML)
Summary of Sound Manager legacy releases 3.1, 3.2.1, and 3.3.
Carbon 2001-11-15  
  vDSP Library (PDF)
Explains how to use mathematical functions for processing speech, audio, video, and scientific data.
Performance 2001-01-01  

Java 1.3.1 API Reference: QuickTime for Java

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