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Networking capabilities in Mac OS X include support for the major protocols and services. These are accessible through sockets and Core Foundation, as well as through the higher-level Carbon and Cocoa APIs.
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Title Topic Date
  URL Loading System (HTML)
Explains how to manipulate URLs and transfer URL contents.
Cocoa 2003-06-11  
  Open Transport Reference (HTML) (PDF)
Describes the Carbon compatibility library for accessing TCP/IP networks at the transport level.
Carbon 2003-05-02  
  Internet Config Reference (HTML)
Describes the C API for centralized management of Internet preferences in Classic Mac OS.
Carbon 2003-05-01  
  Distributed Objects (HTML)
Explains how Objective-C objects in different threads or different processes communicate.
Cocoa 2003-04-15  
  Ports and Sockets (HTML)
Explains communication between threads, with other processes, and with other computers over a network.
Carbon, Core Foundation 2003-01-17  
  URL Management (HTML)
Explains how to create and parse URL strings in Core Foundation.
Carbon, Internet Technologies, Core Foundation 2003-01-17  
  URL Access Utilities Reference (HTML)
Describes Core Foundation URL access functions.
Carbon 2003-01-01  
  DNS Service Discovery API (HTML) (PDF)
Explains how to implement registration of network services for easy discovery by clients.
Rendezvous 2002-12-01  
  URL Access Manager Reference (HTML)
Describes the C API for transferring data to and from a URL from within an application.
Carbon, Internet Technologies 2002-12-01  
  Rendezvous Network Services (HTML)
Explains how to use Apple's zero-configuration networking architecture in Cocoa applications.
Cocoa, Rendezvous 2002-11-12  
  Apple Filing Protocol Version 3.1 (HTML)
Explains how to provide shared file access over a network.
Carbon 2002-10-01  
  Open Directory (HTML)
Explains how to implement centralized storage and retrieval of information in Carbon.
Carbon 2002-09-01  
  Open Directory Plug-ins (HTML)
Explains how to implement dynamically loaded libraries that respond to Open Directory client requests in Carbon.
Carbon 2002-09-01  
  Web Services (HTML) (PDF)
Explains how to use the new Web Services client-side frameworks available in Mac OS X.
Internet Technologies 2002-09-01  
  CFNetwork Services (HTML)
Explains how to use Core Foundation networkig functions to work with low-level BSD sockets.
Core Foundation 2002-08-01  
  Network Services Location Manager (HTML) (PDF)
Explains how to have a Carbon application discover available network services.
Carbon 2002-07-01  
  Transferring Data With URL Access Manager (HTML)
Explains how to transfer data to and from a URL from within a Carbon application.
Carbon 2001-01-04  
  System Configuration Framework (HTML)
Explains how to establish and maintain access to configurable system resources in Carbon.
Carbon 2001-01-01  
  Network Driver Example (HTML) (PDF)
Background and task information about developing network drivers for Mac OS X.
Device Drivers 2000-10-01  
  Network Kernel Extensions (PDF)
Information about adding to and removing from the kernel protocol families, individual protocols, and networking modules.
Device Drivers 2000-03-24  

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