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The performance of Mac OS X applications can be measured, evaluated, and optimized using Apple's developer tools, technologies, and programming interfaces. Developers can fine-tune their applications for high performance using tools such as the Sampler code-profiling application, features such as multiprocessing, and APIs such as those for the vDSP library.
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Title Topic Date
  Multithreading (HTML)
Explains how to use threads in Cocoa applications.
Cocoa 2003-04-08  
  Debugging (HTML)
Tips and techniques for debugging Core Foundation code.
Carbon 2003-01-17  
  Multithreading (HTML)
Explains how to use threads in Core Foundation applications.
Carbon, Core Foundation 2003-01-17  
  Debugger Services Reference (HTML)
Describes the C API for standard exception-handling and assertion functions used in Carbon applications.
Carbon 2003-01-01  
  Error Handler Reference (HTML)
Describes the C API for a Mac OS 9 service that assumes control when certain low-level system errors occur.
Carbon 2003-01-01  
  Debugging Cocoa Applications (HTML)
Tips and techniques for debugging Cocoa applications.
Cocoa 2002-11-12  
  Performance (HTML) (PDF)
Guidelines for improving performance and using the Apple-provided tools.
General 2001-03-31  
  vDSP Library (PDF)
Explains how to use mathematical functions for processing speech, audio, video, and scientific data.
General 2001-01-01  

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