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The printing system in Mac OS X is based on the Common UNIX Printing System (CUPS). Mac OS X printing supports a wide variety of PostScript and ink jet raster printers and offers advanced features such as network job spooling via the Internet Printing Protocol (IPP), PDF and QuickDraw imaging, and high quality color rendering. The printing system also allows printer drivers and applications to present modular and extensible user interfaces, so that developers can take advantage of and extend Apple's interface rather than write extra code to override it.
Printing Resources
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Title Topic Date
  Carbon Printing Manager Reference (HTML)
Describes the C API for supporting printing and PDF creation in an application. Includes Mac OS 9 porting information.
Carbon 2003-05-14  
  Providing PDF Workflow Options in the Print Dialog (HTML)
Installation information and samples (copying, opening applications, UNIX tools, AppleScript code).
General 2003-05-01  
  Printing (HTML)
Explains how to support printing in Cocoa applications.
Cocoa 2003-04-21  
  Creating Printing Presets for iPhoto (HTML) (PDF)
Rules for creating and installing printer-specific collections of settings. Includes a sample file.
General 2003-02-01  
  Printing Plug-in Interfaces Reference (HTML) (PDF)
Describes the various callback interfaces that Mac OS X printing plug-ins implement in Carbon.
Carbon 2003-02-01  
  Using PostScript Printer Description Files (HTML) (PDF)
Information for printer vendors. Includes installing files, PPD/PDE binding, and grouping features.
General 2003-02-01  
  About the Mac OS X Printing System (HTML) (PDF)
Introduces Apple's printing architecture. Includes a road map for developing software.
General 2002-12-11  
  Legacy Carbon Printing Manager Reference (HTML) (PDF)
Describes C printing functions that are no longer recommended.
Carbon 2002-12-05  
  Supporting Printing in Your Carbon Application (HTML) (PDF)
Explains how to support printing in Carbon applications. Includes creating PDFs and porting from Mac OS 9.
Carbon 2002-12-03  
  Ticket Services Reference (HTML) (PDF)
Describes the C API used by printer modules and PDEs to communicate printing information to the system.
Carbon 2002-10-23  
  Extending Printing Dialogs (HTML) (PDF)
The definitive guide to printing dialog extensions, including basic concepts and a documented Carbon-based sample project.
Carbon 2002-09-01  

CUPS: Common UNIX Printing System (Sams)

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