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QuickTime is Apple's multiplatform multimedia technology for handling video, sound, animation, graphics, text, interactivity, and music. As a cross-platform technology, QuickTime can deliver content on Mac OS X, as well as all major versions of Microsoft Windows. Augmenting its cross-platform capabilities, QuickTime supports every major file format for images, and every significant professional file format for video. QuickTime 6 is used to author professional-quality, ISO-compliant MPEG-4 audio and video files. AAC audio brings true variable bit rate (VBR) encoding to the QuickTime platform to deliver sound quality rivaling that of uncompressed CD audio.
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A set of procedural C APIs for developing full-featured, high-performance, highly reliable applications for Mac OS X.   A set of object-oriented application frameworks that support rapid development of full-featured, high-performance, highly reliable applications for Mac OS X.   Use of the Image Compression Manager, codec components, transcoders, and data codecs.  
The structure of QuickTime movies and movie files.   Technologies that are essential to Mac OS X games developers.   Resources for importing and exporting nonmovie data, such as JPEG images and AIFF audio.  
Capabilities for developing and deploying Java applications for stand-alone and networked environments.   Components that interpret and manipulate media such as audio, video, text, and timecodes.   The fundamentals of opening, playing, editing, and saving movies.  
Resources to create new movie, track, and media structures, add samples, and capture audio and video.   Track-level editing, space and time characteristics, previews, track references and alternates, modifier tracks, access keys, and clock components.   Programming interfaces for creating, processing, and playing high-quality sound content.  
Interfaces that support creation of new QuickTime components, such as codecs, media handlers, packetizers and reassemblers.   Special considerations for Windows programmers using QuickTime.   Late-breaking news and highlights of new or changed features in the latest release.  
APIs for real-time streaming in QuickTime, for live broadcasts or video-on-demand from recordings, and modules for extending the functionality of the QuickTime Streaming Server.   Handlers for storing and opening QuickTime movies and components for sending video to devices other than displays.   Real-time effects, filters, and transitions for images, movies, and applications.  
The creation and manipulation of photorealistic virtual reality panoramas and objects in interactive QuickTime movies.   Scriptable, interactive movies, and interactive objects (sprites) that can be animated at runtime.    
Older Mac OS APIs still used by QuickTime for Windows or for backward compatibility with existing applications and movies.  

Java 1.3.1 API Reference: QuickTime for Java

QuickTime 6.3 + 3GPP

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