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Late-breaking news and highlights of new or changed features in the latest release.
Programming interfaces that support assistive technology applications, which help make the Macintosh accessible to all users.   How other software products can interact with and extend applications like iTunes, Final Cut Pro, and Keynote.   The Mac OS X-native scripting language that allows users to directly control applications, and enables developers to make their applications scriptable.
A set of procedural C APIs for developing full-featured, high-performance, highly reliable applications for Mac OS X.   A set of object-oriented application frameworks that support rapid development of full-featured, high-performance, highly reliable applications for Mac OS X.   A framework that provides fundamental software services to applications and application environments.
The open source foundation of Mac OS X, based on 4.4BSD UNIX.   Programming interfaces that support the development of in-kernel and application-level device access.   Mac OS X technologies, including OpenGL, HID Manager, Core Audio, Rendezvous, and QuickTime, that are essential to games developers.
Programming interfaces that support the optimized display of high-quality 2D and 3D visual content.   Capabilities for developing and deploying Java applications for stand-alone and networked environments.   The combination of an open source, UNIX-based core with such advanced features as the Aqua user interface and the Quartz graphics system.
Programming interfaces for creating, processing, and playing high-quality sound content.   Major protocols and services that support networking and communication capabilities.   Tools, techniques, and programming interfaces for measuring, evaluating, and improving code performance.
A multiplatform multimedia technology for handling video, sound, animation, graphics, text, interactivity, and music.   Authentication, authorization, and cryptographic services that software and hardware developers can use to build security into their products.   A full suite of developer tools, including Project Builder, Interface Builder, and AppleScript Studio, as well as UNIX tools, debuggers, compilers, and optimization tools.
The visual appearance, interactive behavior, and assistive capabilities of Mac OS X application software.   Apple's suite of tools and object-oriented frameworks for creating and deploying scalable, reusable web and Java applications.  

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