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User experience encompasses the visual appearance, interactive behavior, and assistive capabilities of software. From an application?s graphical user interface to its use of additional technologies such as speech recognition and speech synthesis, a cohesive and professional user experience is what Mac users have come to expect.
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Programming interfaces that support assistive technology applications, which help make the Macintosh accessible to all users.   How other software products can interact with and extend applications like iTunes, Final Cut Pro, and Keynote.   A set of procedural C APIs for developing full-featured, high-performance, highly reliable applications for Mac OS X.  
A set of object-oriented application frameworks that support rapid development of full-featured, high-performance, highly reliable applications for Mac OS X.   Resources for distributing software and data files for convenient user installation.   Apple Help and Help Tags, which deliver context-sensitive help in Mac OS X.  
Force feedback provides tactile sensation through hardware devices, and the HID Manager provides input and force-feedback capabilities for Mac OS X games.   Capabilities, built into Mac OS X, for recognizing and speaking U.S. English.  

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