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WebObjects is Apple's suite of tools and object-oriented frameworks for creating and deploying scalable, reusable web and Java applications for the Internet and intranets. WebObjects supports the development, deployment, and extension of standards-based web services without the need to write low-level SOAP, XML or WSDL code. Tools enable code-free generation, configuration, and testing of web services from existing data assets.
WebObjects Resources
API Reference

  WebObjects 5.2 Release Notes (HTML) (PDF) 2003-06-12 
  Java 1.4.1 Development for Mac OS X (HTML) (PDF) 2003-06-11 
  Java 1.4.1 Virtual Machine Options (HTML) (PDF) 2003-06-11 
  WebObjects Overview (HTML) (PDF) 2003-05-14 
  Deploying Applications (HTML) (PDF) 2003-04-01 
  Web Applications (HTML) (PDF) 2003-04-01 
  Java 1.4.1 API Reference: Apple Extensions (HTML) (PDF) 2003-03-01 
  Java 1.4.1 API Reference: J2SE (HTML) 2003-03-01 
  What is New in WebObjects 5.2 (HTML) (PDF) 2003-03-01 
  WebObjects API Reference (HTML) 2003-02-21 
  Enterprise Objects (HTML) (PDF) 2003-02-01 
  XML Serialization (HTML) (PDF) 2003-02-01 
  Enterprise JavaBeans (HTML) 2003-01-01 
  JavaServer Pages and Servlets (HTML) (PDF) 2003-01-01 
  Application Properties (HTML) (PDF) 2002-12-01 
  Project Builder for WebObjects Developers (HTML) 2002-12-01 
  API Differences from 5.1 (HTML) 2002-11-14 
  Developing WebObjects Applications With Direct to Web (HTML) 2002-11-01 
  Getting Started with WebObjects (HTML) 2002-11-01 
  Installation Guide for Mac OS X (HTML) (PDF) 2002-11-01 
  Installation Guide for Windows and Solaris (HTML) (PDF) 2002-11-01 
  Java Client Desktop Applications (HTML) (PDF) 2002-11-01 
  Using EOModeler (HTML) (PDF) 2002-11-01 
  Web Services (HTML) (PDF) 2002-11-01 
  WebObjects Dynamic Elements Reference (HTML) (PDF) 2002-11-01 
  WebObjects Extensions Reference (HTML) (PDF) 2002-11-01 
  Java 1.3.1 Development for Mac OS X (HTML) 2002-09-01 
  Developing SMIL Presentations (HTML) (PDF) 2002-03-29 
  Java 1.3.1 API Reference: J2SE and Apple Extensions (HTML) 2002-02-01 

WebObjects 5.2 Release Notes

Java 1.4.1 Development for Mac OS X

Java 1.4.1 Virtual Machine Options

WebObjects Overview

AppleCare Knowledge Base: WebObjects

OmniGroup WebObjects Mailing Lists

WebObjects Legacy Documentation

WebObjects Support Page

WebServices with WebObjects

Documentation FAQ

Documentation Feedback

Release Notes

Sample Code

Technical Notes

Technical Q&As

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