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Where can I get the latest Developer Documentation?

You can get Apple's current, up-to-date developer documentation free in HTML and/or PDF formats via the Documentation home page on the Apple Developer Connection website. A subscription to the ADC Developer Mailing also gets you the quarterly Developer DVD Series, which includes nearly all the Documentation posted on our website, in both HTML and PDF formats.

How do I know when there's new documentation available?

To get timely notifications of new documentation, sign up for the ADC News weekly email. We also list new titles under "New Documentation" on the Documentation home page of the ADC website. New documentation is first posted to our website and is then included on the next available mailing of the Developer DVD Series.

How do I get early "seed" or pre-release documentation?

To get early drafts of documentation with product seeds or pre-releases, you must join the Select or Premier Developer Program.

How can I provide feedback on Developer Documentation?

You can help us help you by sending us your comments and suggestions. Click the Documentation Feedback link on the Documentation home page of our website or on any page where the link is available.

What other documentation resources are available?

Here is a list of other Apple and third-party documentation resources that may be helpful to you.

  • Apple Publications Style Guide 2003
    An updated version of the style guide used by writers and editors in Apple's publications groups.

  • Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, Inc.
    The first books in the QuickTime Developer Series, Discovering QuickTime, QuickTime for Java, and QuickTime for the Web, are available here. Written by Apple and published by MKP, these books provide authoritative tutorial and reference materials for the latest release of QuickTime.

  • MacTech Magazine
    Articles and columns written by some of the industry's top professionals, including Apple engineers.

  • The Omni Group
    This source of information and resources for the Mac OS X developer includes mailing lists, freeware, source code, developer tools, and more.

  • O'Reilly & Associates
    O'Reilly publishes a series of books about Mac OS X. Many books in this series are reviewed for technical accuracy by Apple engineering and recommended by the Apple Developer Connection. In addition, O'Reilly has a Mac Developer DevCenter on the web to provide news and articles about Mac OS X.

  • Stepwise
    This site provides a central access point for news and information related to Mac OS X.

Where can I get printed documentation?

Most of Apple's developer documentation is available in PDF files on our website, the Developer DVD Series, the Mac OS X Developer Tools CD, and the WebObjects CD. You can print these PDF files yourself or have a reproduction service print them for your personal use.

You can also buy Discovering QuickTime, QuickTime for the Web, and QuickTime for Java through Apple or through Morgan Kaufmann Publishers.

Titles published by O'Reilly & Associates can be bought from Apple or O'Reilly.

How can I get information on how to produce and publish documentation for my application?

The Apple Publications Style Guide 2003, which shows Apple terminology and preferred style, is essential for any developer writing documentation for their Macintosh application. It has recently been revised and is now available for free.

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