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HTML - Although there's no substitute for actual testing, the best HTML techniques create web pages that render consistently no matter what platform or browser your visitors use. The tips in this section cover forms, margins tags, validators, and more.Fonts - "Why does that font appear so small on my site?" This section explains cross-platform issues about font rendering on the web. Use the Fonts Gallery to view a variety of typefaces and sizes as they appear in Macintosh web browsers.CSS - Some of the best CSS-aware browsers in the world are widely used by Macintosh customers. For maximum control over your page layout, check out this section's articles on topics like fixed positioning, vertical formatting, and horizontal formatting.Graphics - Images may not always be what they seem. See how gamma setting and color depth can affect the graphics on your site.JavaScript - With live demonstrations and downloadable scripts, this section covers the challenges and rewards of using JavaScript. Articles point out cross-platform pitfalls to avoid in your code.

Web developers will benefit from this array of articles written to ensure that all visitors can enjoy a high quality, professional experience while surfing the web.

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Ever-Changing Styles
This latest addition to Internet Developer discusses modifying styles on the fly. The article's list of coding challenges shines much-needed light into some dark corners of JavaScript.

Fonts Gallery Update
The gallery includes images of Verdana with sizes specified by points, pixels, and HTML.

Coming March 24th: Mac OS X
Learn more about Mac OS X, Apple's forthcoming operating system that brings a new level of openness and power to the Macintosh platform.

Available for purchase on March 24, 2001, Mac OS X combines features like the BSD Networking Stack, Apache Server, protected memory, and more with the Macintosh's legendary ease of use.

Mac OS X at
"Power meets grace: Unix with a Macintosh face." Jordan Hubbard's Open Sourcing the Apple at discusses Mac OS X's dual personality. The elegant interface above an industrial strength foundation offers some interesting possibilities.



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