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ADC Compatibility Labs

What's new?
The ADC Compatibility Labs, Tokyo currently have iBooks, G4s, and iMac DVs available for testing. To schedule time to test on these new systems, please use our online scheduling form.
Recent additions to the Tokyo labs
M7469J/A iMac 350Mhz  
M7493J/A iMac DV 400Mhz Blueberry
M7668J/A iMac DV Special Edition 400Mhz  
M7631J/A Power Mac G4 400Mhz PCI Graphics
M7824J/A Power Mac G4 400Mhz AGP Graphics
M7825J/A Power Mac G4 450Mhz AGP Graphics
M7619J/A iBook 300Mhz Tangerine
What's in the labs?
The Compatibility Labs in Tokyo featuring over 100 Macintosh PowerPC configurations with versions of system software that are compatible with the hardware. The complete line of Apple products is available (including most international versions of the Mac OS and some international keyboards) as well as a small sampling of third-party products including displays, printers, scanners and removable media drives.
The Compatibility Labs also have
  • Direct Internet Access
  • Most current shipping products
  • Legacy products
  • Domestic and international versions of the Mac OS
  • Online and CD-based reference documentation
  • Extensive networking capabilities
  • Confidential, comfortable, and productive environment
Benefits of testing at the Compatibility Labs
  • Promotes compatibility with Apple products
  • Allows you to test with different networking environments
  • Lets you have the satisfaction of having completed a very productive test session
We encourage you to participate in this program to help ensure greater customer satisfaction with your products.
Where are the labs?
We currently have Compatibility Labs in Cupertino, California and Tokyo, Japan. Please see our Your Day with Us page for directions to the ADC Compatibility Labs, Tokyo.
Who can use the labs?
The Compatibility Labs are open to active Apple Developer Connection Premier and Select Program members, as well as Online Program members with an ADC-Labs asset transferred to their account. Premier Program members may use the lab facilities for up to three days each month while Select Program members may use the labs up to two days each month.
What if I am not an ADC program member?
If you are not an ADC Premier or Select Program member and would like to find out how to become one, log on to our Programs & Products for that information.
Contacting the ADC Compatibility Labs, Tokyo
If you would like to schedule a test session or have any questions regarding our labs, please contact us at or by phone at 03-5330-6517 (10:00am to 5:00pm).

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