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iOS Reference Library

The iOS Reference Library is your bookshelf for detailed information essential to iOS application development.


Let the iOS Reference Library topics lead you to information organized by subject area.


Gain a hierarchical development perspective of the different technologies in iOS.


Learn how to use the free software development tools that Apple provides to build, debug, and optimize your application.

Resource Types

Quickly access iOS development resources by Guides, Reference, Release Notes, Sample Code, Technical Notes, and Technical Q&As

Learn the basics about iOS development by reading these Getting Started documents.

As you navigate deeper into the iOS Reference Library, you'll see additional lists of Getting Started documents in the upper-right corners of topic pages. Each of these lists is specific to the topic at hand. After you write your first Hello World application, use these resources to orient you to more focused programming goals.

Further your iOS development skills by reading these essential documents.

Introduces the development process for iOS applications and describes the core architecture.
Describes how to build, run, debug, and tune your applications on both the simulator and devices.
Provides user interface rules that must be followed to distribute an iPhone application.

Find documents by keyword including title, resource type, topic, framework, and date.

For example:

  • security guide
  • sample code
  • quartz sample code snow leopard