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Sherlock is an exciting new search technology for use in the Mac OS. Sherlock brings together several searching facilities including searching for files using file system information, searching files according to their textual content, and searching for information on the Internet. Links on this page provide access to information about convenient and easy to use APIs available to developers interested in extending Sherlock to access their data formats or Internet based search facilities.

Last updated: 8-October-99

Internet Search Plug-ins
This section provides links to web pages that provide information on developing Internet Search Plug-ins:

Find By Content
This section provides links to web pages that provide information about using and extending the Find by Content facilities used by Sherlock:

Sherlock Web Sites


Sherlock Development Resources

Apple tools, sample code, and documentation to help you with your Sherlock projects. For general Mac OS resources, please see the Mac OS page.

Sherlock Mailing Lists

Report Bugs
Web forms to report bugs against Sherlock.

  • Report Bugs Here
    Links to web forms for entering information to report problems found in Apple software


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