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QuickDraw has been the fundamental graphics layer of the Mac OS since its inception. It provides device-independent graphics that can work across multiple monitors simultaneously. A simple set of drawing primitives can be used to draw either to a window, an offscreen environment, or to a printer.

Although Mac OS X introduced a new, more advanced graphics API called Quartz 2D, many Carbon applications still use QuickDraw extensively. This page describes the current state of QuickDraw and provides important resources.

Last updated: 31-March-2003

QuickDraw News and Information
QuickDraw Development Resources
Apple tools, sample code, and documentation to help you with your QuickDraw projects. For general Mac OS resources, please see the Mac OS page.

Offscreen GWorlds
Looking for fast, flicker-free window updates? Doing animation? Do you need to custom drawing code that bypass QuickDraw? GWorlds are offscreen graphics environments where you can draw your images using either QuickDraw calls or custom drawing code, finally copying the GWorld to the screen.

PICT format is the native graphics file format for QuickDraw. Individual drawing commands are stored as opcodes within the PICT file. When you need to draw the object, QuickDraw replays the list of opcodes, reproducing the original image using regular QuickDraw functions.

QuickDraw Mailing Lists

Other Related Web Sites
  • Quartz 2D - Quartz 2D is Mac OS X's powerful new graphics system based on the PDF imaging model that provides device and resolution independent drawing.
  • Mac OS X Printing - Printing on Mac OS X works just fine with QuickDraw and this page describes the Mac OS X printing system.
  • Printing - Printing on Mac OS 9 and earlier is accomplished through QuickDraw, and we've got a complete page devoted to printing technologies.
  • Color - If you are developing using QuickDraw, you should definitely check out Apple's color technologies.

Report Bugs
Web forms to report bugs against QuickDraw.
  • Report Bugs Here
    Links to web forms for entering information to report problems found in Apple software