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The Select Program is an annual membership perfect for developers who use the Apple Developer Connection web site but also rely on the Apple Developer Connection Mailing for technical information and resources. The Select Program bundles the Developer Connection Mailing subscription with two incidents of technical support, a US$100 Metrowerks coupon, access to Apple's Software Seeding, and more. The Select Program is priced at US$500 per year.

To join the Select Program, simply register on our ADC Member Site and purchase a Select membership. Online registration and account management is available to developers around the world! Select members may transfer assets to and be transferred assets by other employees at their companies. Please see our Frequently Asked Questions if you need assistance with this benefit.

Below is a summary of some of the benefits you receive as a member of the Apple Developer Connection Select Program. For a chart comparing the programs, please download our Membership Benefits Comparison file, an Acrobat pdf.

Select Program Benefits

  • Apple Developer Connection Select Mailing
    The Developer Connection Select Mailing is shipped to Select members each month, and includes the Developer CD Series. The CD Series provides a wealth of technical resources--system software, development tools, technical documentation, Multimedia Resources, and more.

  • Two Technical Support Incidents
    Select members receive two incidents of technical support from Apple's Worldwide Developer Technical Support engineers.

  • US$100 in Metrowerks Coupons
    Each Select member receives US$100 in Metrowerks coupons, which may be used when purchasing any of Metrowerk's Macintosh products and subscriptions. This coupon may be redeemed at Metrowerks distributors around the world.

  • Discounted Conference Pass to WWDC
    Select members receive a discount on a conference pass to the Worldwide Developers Conference, held in San Jose, CA each May. This is a terrific value, and a great chance for developers to meet the folks from Apple and learn about Apple's future strategy from its executives.

  • Apple Developer Connection Products
    Select members generally receive a generous discount on all ADC Products, including:
    -QuickTime SDK
    -Darwin Open Source SDK
    -Mac OS Anthology
    -Mac OS X Server

  • ADC Software Seeding Program
    Members of the Select Program receive pre-release software via a monthly CD and have access to the Download Software area of the ADC Member Site. Each Select membership includes five ADC Software Seed Keys that are assigned to the owner of the account. The owner of the Selct account may then transfer the additional ADC Software Seed Keys to other Online members at his/her company. The ADC Software Seed Keys are valid for the duration of the original owner's membership. As long as you own a valid ADC Software Seed Key, the Download Software area may be accessed as often as needed.

  • Access to ADC Compatibility Labs
    Select members have access to the Apple Developer Connection Compatibility Labs two times a month, pending availability, to test new software or hardware with Apple's latest products.

  • Three (3) Select Member Discount Keys
    Select members receive significant disounts technical, business, and marketing services the Apple Developer Connection has negotiated on your behalf. These opportunities include discounts on magazine ad space, discounts on product development and support services, and much more. For a current list of ongoing programs available through the Apple Developer Connection, please visit our Business pages. New discount programs are also announced in the weekly ADC News.

  • Software/Driver Development Kits
    Check here for a list of the available Development Kits. SDKs and DDKs can be found in the Developer CD Series included in the Apple's Developer Connection Mailing. Select members receive most for free, and others at a significant discount.

  • Apple Developer Connection News
    Select members receive Apple Developer Connection News via e-mail, which keeps you up to date on the latest information from Apple and other developers.

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