Do you know a university student who would like to develop on the Macintosh? Since we launched the popular Apple Developer Connection (ADC) Student Program in December 1999, we've had over 1500 students join on their own worldwide. And now you can purchase a Gift Membership for students and sponsor them into the ADC Student Program.

This special offer is only US$99.

Gift Certificate Purchases

Go to and join as a member (free).

Screen shot of ADC Member Site

Purchase the ADC Student Gift Certificate.

Screen shot of purchase

When you have completed the purchase transaction, the "ADC Student Gift Certificate" will appear as one of your assets. Click the Transfer box and enter the e-mail address of the student who will be receiving the Gift Certificate.

The recipient of this Gift Certificate must already be an ADC member identified as a student in the ADC Profile.

Screen shot of transfer

Note to students: Once you have a Gift Certificate, simply log in to the ADC Member Site, "purchase" an ADC Student Program for zero dollars and start taking advantage of all the benefits of program membership!

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