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ADC Developer Mailing
The Apple Developer Connection Mailing is a 12-month subscription that includes the Developer CD Series and other resources for developers. The CD Series includes system software, tools, technical documentation, Interactive Media Resources, and more. The Developer Mailing is distributed on a monthly basis.

The System Software Edition of the Developer CD Series contains Macintosh system software. Localized languages are included on the CD as they are released. This information provides you with the ability to develop and test localized versions of your software, as well as ensure compatibility with a wide range of Macintosh models and software versions.

Software Development Kits (SDKs) are sent to all program members on CD-ROM, providing convenient access to almost all the Macintosh Operating System (Mac OS) SDKs that Apple publishes. A typical SDK for a Macintosh system software tool box extension provides system software, programming interfaces, libraries, sample code, and technical documentation. These basic components will enable you to understand and use a toolbox extension.

The Tool Chest Edition offers an assortment of development tools, utilities, platform and language information, sample code and snippets. These resources provide time-saving programming techniques and ideas.

The Reference Library Edition contains a complete set of technical documentation including the Inside Macintosh series, Macintosh Technical Notes, develop magazine, and Macintosh Human Interface Guidelines--all in electronic format.

The Apple Developer Connection Mailing is priced at US$199 for a one year subscription.

Developer CD Highlights

  • March Dev CD Content
    -Reference Library Edition: This month's CD contains the latest Macintosh Technotes and Q&As;, Technical Publications, and development kit releases. Technical Publications feature an updated Mac OS USB DDK API Reference, the latest PowerMac G4 Developer Note; Java, QuickTime and WebObjects 4 documentation; Mac OS 8 and 9 books, and the latest conceptual and reference documentation available for Mac OS X.

  • February Dev CD Content
    -February Tool Chest Edition: This month's Tool Chest Edition CDs contains over 60 updates and new releases in Games, Graphics, and QuickTime Sample Code for both Macintosh and Windows. Also included are Mac OS USB 1.4f1 DDK, Multiprocessing 2.1 SDK, newly updated QuickTime for Java and QuickTime for Java Windows SDKs, G4 documentation, and tools such as MPW, MacsBug, and Virtual User.

  • January Dev CD Content
    -Mac OS SDK Edition: This month's Mac OS SDK Edition CD contains the latest collection of development kits available, plus new developer documentation, sample code and tools. On this month's 2-disc edition you'll find: AppleShare IP 6.3 SDK and AppleShare Client API SDK, CardBus DDK to get you started developing cardbus drivers for Mac OS 8 and 9, and the PCI 3.0 DDK that will enable you to create both OpenFirmware (FCode) and MacOS drivers for PCI cards.

    Also included are Macintosh Technotes and Q&As;, Technical Publications, Sample Code and Tools, Open GL Installs. And starting this month the contents catalog has a new look, a new name, greater search capabilities, web links, and more features on the way.

Order now through the ADC Member Site
The ADC Member Site offers convenient online ordering for ADC membership and products.

Apple Developer Connection offers customized ADC Mailing as part of the Select, Premier, and Student level programs. One-year subscriptions to the ADC Mailing are available for US$199 to ADC Online members.

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