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Getting Support
Email Guidelines

Bug Reporting
Development Kits
Sample Code
Software Licensing
Testing and Compatibility
ADC News
Important up-to-the-minute technical, business, and program information for developers. Also available by email for ADC Members.
Macintosh Products Guide
Localized guide to software and hardware for the Macintosh. You can find, add or remove your products, list URLs where your products are available, and update your information!
3rd Party Links
Links to tools, languages, source code, news groups, conferences, and developers' web sites.
Technical Support
The Worldwide Developer Technical Support group (WWDTS) provides development-level support to Apple developers who have technical support incidents in their ADC account. Development-level means that WWDTS will answer questions about the code you are writing or the hardware that you are designing.
Getting Support
Information on how to get development-level support by purchasing and using technical support incidents.
Email Guildelines
You can help us respond to your technical support inquiry more quickly by following these guidelines.

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