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Technical Support

Email Guidelines

You can help us respond to your questions quickly and easily by following the guidelines below:

1. Only one support issue per incident allowed. An incident is defined as a single, discrete problem. E-mails containing multiple issues may be returned to you for clarification concerning which issue you would like WWDTS to address.

2. Please include your name, e-mail address, company name, request number (if referring or responding to an open issue) and phone number in your e-mail. This information allows us to verify that you are entitled to technical support and allows our engineers to call you in response to an issue if needed.

3. Include a full description of your problem/question
- Please include a descriptive subject line (not 'technical question').
- State your problem clearly.
- State what you've already done, read, or coded to solve the problem.
- Do not place your question in an attachment.
- Tell us what extra conditions are involved in your problem (e.g. only fails on a Desktop G3, only interested in the education market, etc.).

4. Send a sample project along, if appropriate. If you include a sample project or source code demonstrating your problem, it can help us track down the answer for you more quickly.

5. Give full configuration information for crashes/bugs. Please include your full configuration information by using the Apple System Profiler. If you are experiencing or reporting crashes, please use the latest version of MacsBug with the 'stdlog' command to retrieve information related to your crash in a file that you can send as part of your e-mail.

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