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ADC News
Important up-to-the-minute technical, business, and program information for developers. Also available by email for ADC Members.
Macintosh Products Guide
Localized guide to software and hardware for the Macintosh. You can find, add or remove your products, list URLs where your products are available, and update your information!
Develop Great Products

Mac OS 9
Apple has announced Mac OS 9.0. This software release includes several new and revised features for Apple's Developer Community. [October 5]
Introduction to Macintosh Programming for Windows Programmers
This document provides a brief overview of the Macintosh for Windows programmers. It provides general tips, tools and tricks for porting your application and explains some of the similarities and differences between the Macintosh and other platforms. This document is useful to developers who are just starting to investigate Macintosh development.[September 22]
An Introduction to Java Programming
ADC is happy to announce the availability of an online tutorial covering the basics of Java Programming for the Macintosh. We hope you enjoy using this resource to get started using Java. [Sept 10]
Are you accelerated for G4?
The "Accelerated for G4 with Velocity Engine" promotional graphic was designed to enable easy identification of software products that have been optimized to take advantage of performance increases available from the G4 processor. The graphic can be used as a sticker on qualifying software packages, in advertising and marketing communications, and as a badge on web sites to promote the inclusion of Altivec technology instructions that enable increased performance for qualifying software products. Please see Apple's PowerMac G4 pages for more information.
Carbon SDK - Download Today!
The Carbon 1.0d10 SDK, available to all ADC members, contains the files necessary for Carbon development on Mac OS 8.5 and includes documentation, utilities, sample code, interface files and version 1.0d10 of the CarbonLib library. To access the software, simply log on to the ADC Member Site and select the "Download Software" option. [June 23]

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