Safari 4

The world’s most innovative web browser.

Powered by WebKit, the world's fastest and most advanced browser engine, Safari continues to implement new and exciting technologies to push the boundaries of what’s possible on the web. With support for HTML5 video and audio tags, CSS animation, CSS web fonts, and HTML5 offline support, web developers can bring the next generation of rich, interactive web applications to life.


The new HTML5 audio and video elements make it easy for developers to deliver rich, interactive media experiences natively within the browser, without the need for proprietary technologies. These media elements also offer a rich scripting API for controlling media playback. Learn more about HTML5 support

CSS Transforms and Animation

With cutting-edge support for CSS 2D and 3D transforms and CSS animations, Safari allows you to develop innovative and sophisticated interfaces for your website using open web standards. With these technologies, you can develop high-production-value pages with just a few lines of code. Learn more about CSS animation

Developer Tools

Apple has brought its expertise in Mac OS X and iPhone development tools to the web. Safari 4 includes a powerful set of tools that make it easy to modify, debug, and optimize a website for peak performance and compatibility. To access these tools, enable the Develop menu in Safari's Advanced preferences. Learn more Safari Developer Tools

SVG Support

Safari beautifully renders Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) without requiring a plug-in. Since SVG images are vector-based, they can be infinitely scaled without causing pixelation common with fixed-resolution bitmapped images. Safari's enhanced implementation goes beyond the basic support for inline SVG, allowing you to use SVG content in place of bitmapped image references, in image elements, or with any CSS property expecting a path to an image file.