Apple produces information for programmers and other innovators who are developing products in all areas of Apple technology. From this page, you can go directly to product-specific pages to read and search documents online, download documents in compatible compression formats, and order printed books. This page also has links to other Apple resources—such as develop, Technical Notes, and Technical Q&A;'s—and to third-party websites of interest to Apple developers.

Last updated: 12-January-99

Publications by Platform

Mac OS
The current desktop operating system for more than 20 million users.

Video, sound, music, 3D, and virtual reality for Macintosh and Windows.

Apple's implementation of the Java Virtual Machine and runtime environment.

Macintosh computers and imaging products.

An environment for developing and deploying World Wide Web applications.

Mac OS X Server
An operating system that complements Mac OS by providing an advanced environment for servers and software development.

Other Publications Resources

Apple Style Guide
An updated version of the style guide used by writers and editors in Apple publications groups.

The core set of programming interfaces for building Mac OS X applications that can also be deployed on Mac OS 8.

Documentation Archives
Legacy and unsupported documents for reference.

Other Apple Resources

develop, The Apple Technical Journal
Articles that contain sample code and time-saving programming techniques.

Technical Notes
Informational notes from Apple's Worldwide Developer Technical Support (WWDTS) engineers.

Technical Q&A's
Answers to questions from developers, straight from Apple's Worldwide Developer Technical Support engineers.


Publications News
Technical Publications: New and improved access to all our documentation! Click the "Publications by Platform" links on the left to see what's changed, and then give us your feedback!
Mac OS: Updated documentation for the Folder Manager, the Dialog Manager, the Window Manager, the Menu Manager, the Control Manager, the ColorSync Manager, and Navigation Services.
Hardware: New developer notes for the iMac, the PowerMacintosh G3, Original G3, USB Driver, and the PowerBook G3 Series.
WebObjects: The latest documentation set, rewritten for WebObjects 4.
Mac OS X Server: Updated conceptual and reference documentation for Mac OS X Server and Yellow Box.
Publications Update Notification: To hear about new and updated developer documentation, sign up for ADC's free Online Program and receive their weekly e-mail newsletter. For sign-up details, see To see a sample newsletter, click the ADC News link below.
ADC News

Third-Party Resources

MacTech Magazine
Articles and columns written by some of the industry's top professionals (including Apple engineers).

A server providing a central access point for news and information related to Mac OS X Server.

Omni Development, Inc.
A Mac OS X Server, WebObjects, and OpenStep software company specializing in information exchange applications.

A website providing information about WebObjects, Apple's Web and database application development platform.



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