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ADC News
Important up-to-the-minute technical, business, and program information for developers. Also available by email for ADC Members.
Macintosh Products Guide
Localized guide to software and hardware for the Macintosh. You can find, add or remove your products, list URLs where your products are available, and update your information!
3rd Party Links
Links to tools, languages, source code, news groups, conferences, and developers' web sites.
Development Tools
Macintosh Programmer's Workshop
Macintosh Programmer's Workshop (MPW) is a product designed specifically for professional Macintosh software developers. It brings together a comprehensive collection of Macintosh core development tools designed to support C, C++, and assembly-language programmers who are writing software for Mac OS 7.x/8.x. MPW is an open, configurable, and scriptable development environment which provides the flexibility to support complex software development projects for 68K and Power Macintosh systems.
MacApp Framework
MacApp is Apple's premiere application framework for creating professional user-friendly, robust, object-oriented Macintosh applications for the Mac OS. Commercial developers, consultants and in-house programmers can use MacApp to build advanced powerful applications while easily inheriting characteristics common to all Macintosh applications.
Mac OS Runtime for Java
Mac OS Runtime for Java (MRJ) is a software package that includes Apple's implementation of the Java Virtual Machine (VM) and related libraries. It is based on software created by the JavaSoft business unit of Sun Microsystems, Inc. and implements version 1.1.x of Sun's Java specification.
Most Macintosh users don't realize there is a powerful hidden interface to their computers -- a way to control and automate much of what we do every day; a way to save time and money; indeed, a way to have the computer do your work for you. It's called AppleScript, an easy-to-use, approachable, English-like language that controls nearly everything your computer can do.
MacsBug is Apple's assembly-level 680x0 and PowerPC debugger for Mac OS. It can be used to debug code running in most execution environments, from applications to drivers, and everything in between. The Power Mac Debugger is an application that allows you to debug software written for PowerPC-based Mac OS computers at a source-code or assembly-language level. You can use the Power Mac Debugger to debug applications, shared libraries, stand-alone code and system software. You can run the Power Mac Debugger on the machine containing the code you are debugging or on a different machine.
HyperCard organizes information into easy-to-use "stacks" of cards through which users can navigate and search for the information they need. Simply by clicking on a button, they can view related text, see a graphic, hear a sound, watch a QuickTime movie, or listen to text spoken out loud.

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