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Project Builder is Apple's integrated development environment (IDE) for Mac OS X. It is designed to fully support all of the major platform initiatives of Mac OS X, such as the Carbon and Cocoa frameworks, Java, and the new application packaging mechanisms.

Project Builder provides project editing, search, and navigation, file editing, project building, and debugging facilities for all types of Mac OS X software projects, including applications, tools, frameworks, libraries, plug-in bundles, and kernel extensions and device drivers. It supports the use of C, C++, Objective C, and Java.

Project Builder leverages numerous other tools available with Mac OS X, such as the Interface Builder user interface construction application, compilers such as gcc, javac, and jikes, and debuggers such as gdb.

Apple Developer Connection (ADC) Members may download the Mac OS X Public Beta Developer Tools and Carbon SDK from the Download Software area of the ADC Member Site. Project Builder will be available with releases of Mac OS X, and the ADC Member Site allows developers to receive the latest interim version with new features and fixes. NOTE: Many developers have experienced installer archive installation problems after decompressing the Developer Tools with the version of Stuffit Expander that ships with Mac OS X Public Beta. If you have similar problems it is suggested that you try OpenUp, a newer version of Stuffit Expander, or the command line instead to decompress the Developer Tools. ADC Premier and Select members receive Mac OS X Public Beta and the Beta Developer Tools automatically on CD-ROM. More information on Apple's developer programs and receiving the developer tools on CD can be found here.

The following support resources are available for Project Builder:
Frequently Asked Questions

The Project Builder FAQ is a good starting point to look if you have questions. If the information you need is not there or in the documentation packaged with Project Builder, then try the mailing list.
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