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The Walt Disney Company Privacy Center


The Walt Disney Company has a rich tradition of bringing great stories, characters and experiences to our guests around the world, and our sites and applications are created to entertain and connect guests with the best that Disney has to offer on the platforms and devices they prefer.

We have updated our privacy policy. Our updated policy is designed to provide greater transparency into our privacy practices and principles, in a new format that is easier to navigate, read and understand. We continue to treat your personal information with care and respect.

Privacy Policy Quick Links
    1. Types of Information We Collect
    2. How We Collect Your Information
    3. Use of Your Information by The Walt Disney Family of Companies
    4. Sharing Your Information with Other Companies
    5. Your Controls and Choices
    6. Children’s Privacy
    7. Data Security and Integrity
    8. Data Transfers, Storage and Processing Globally
    9. Changes to this Privacy Policy
    10. Comments and Questions
    11. Definitions

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