The Journal of Indo-European Studies (JIES)

Latest articles about the Proto-Indo-European language reconstruction, about the Proto-Indo-Europeans, their society and religion, and the latest studies about early Indo-European dialects and proto-languages.

The Journal of Indo-European Studies (JIES)

Postby indoeuropean on Sat Jan 12, 2008 8:37 am

After their website,
The JOURNAL OF INDO-EUROPEAN STUDIES is a thirty-five year old publication which serves as a medium for the exchange and synthesis of information relating to the anthropology, archaeology, mythology, philology, and general cultural history of the Indo-European speaking peoples.

More information at

It is very difficult to access to if you are not prepared to pay for subscription, because not many universities have a subscription, and not a lot of individuals will pay for a knowledge/research that will be integrated in the newest Proto-Indo-European manuals in the next months.

I think they should revise their sales & promotion policy, so that it is prestige, as well as impact factor, their main aim, and not to sell as many copies/subscriptions as possible. With such a narrow object of study (IE linguistics), not a lot of institutions involved in higher education are ready to pay for one volume a year; on the contrary, if promoted with free online subscriptions for some universities (those not willing to subscribe right now), they could get thousands of readers, especially students and professors of all Indo-European languages.

So, the question is ¿What do you prefer as a researcher and/or publisher: to sell 10 volumes more to those universities which can anyway afford to buy such a specialized publication, or to be read by some (potentially hundreds of) thousands more with an additional cost of 0?
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