The Scholarly Journal Archive (JSTOR)

Latest articles about the Proto-Indo-European language reconstruction, about the Proto-Indo-Europeans, their society and religion, and the latest studies about early Indo-European dialects and proto-languages.

The Scholarly Journal Archive (JSTOR)

Postby indoeuropean on Sat Jan 12, 2008 8:43 am

Another great source of information for general linguistics, including articles on historical linguistics and comparative grammar, Indo-European proto-languages, the Proto-Indo-European language (stages) as well as information relating to the anthropology, archaeology, mythology, philology, and general cultural history of the Indo-European speaking peoples.

Unlike JIES, this is accesible through many universities, and you can find it frequently searching with Google, or still better searching any term you might be interested in with Google Scholar at, being able to read some parts of their articles even if you are at home and not connecting from your university IP.
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