Proto-Indo-European based Sambahsa-Mundialect (200?)

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Proto-Indo-European based Sambahsa-Mundialect (200?)

Postby indoeuropean » Fri May 02, 2008 9:34 am

Designed as an easier way to learn and speak Proto-Indo-European, by Ph.D. Olivier Simon.

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Re: Proto-Indo-European based Sambahsa-Mundialect (200?)

Postby Olivier Simon » Thu May 08, 2008 12:03 pm

Buenos Dias Carlos!

I'm happy to see all the progresses done by Europaiom for one year!
Since I've become a lawyer, I have unfortunately little time to consecrate to auxlangs including sambahsa-mundialect. Nevertheless, my blog includes new materials. A french/sambahsa-mundialect is being written. And many people shall appreciate the first dialogues in sambahsa and english I've just added on my blog, under the message "dialogs in sambahsa-mundialect".
Oh, it's exaggerated to tell that sambahsa-mundialect is like "proto-IE", of course, it cannot be confused with your own project. Sambahsa-mundialect can rather be compared to Modern English, while Europaiom would be Proto-Germanic. Sambahsa (for further details, look at my blog in French, or there are some basic informations in English on is a very simplified form of IE grammaticaly speaking. It has kept two sets of endings (present and preterit), four cases (nominative, accusative, dative and genitive), but it has dropped the dual and the medio-passive. The vocabulary is very international, for it tries to include words found in different linguistic families (so, there are a significant number of words from Arabic), but the basic words are truly IE. Even for neologisms, the IE background can be revived: "nebhscrehb" = "skyscraper"; "plav" = "airplane"; "boik" (cf. beacon) = "traffic light", "srov" = "electric current", "niklad" = "to download"... I think that if an unwarned linguist would face sambahsa-mundialect, he would immediately guess it's a IE language.
If I had time, I'd like to put some articles in sambahsa on the Europaiom wikipedia (as the true wikipedia is closed to new linguistic projects). I think this wiki should be opened to IE-like auxlangs, for the translations could enrich each other.
A sample: "We cross the equator again, pass through the Gulf of Aden and finally enter the Red Sea. We are surprised at the color of the water, for it is truly red. This is said to be due to tiny plants in the water. How hot it is! Few clouds shut out the hot sun and at night the stars are very clear".
"Tehrmos iter id equator, passems unte id Gulf os Aden ed fin-ye entrems id Rudh Mar. Smos surprisen ab id color ios wed, idghi est druv-ye rudh. Est saygen ses due micri plantes in id wed. Kam chald id est! Pau nebhs kehldernt id chald sol ed nocts ia stars sont meg clar".
You can notice that Sambahsa is as short as English. Though I have worked on sambahsa for nine years, it was finally released on the net in July 2007, after the discovery of Carlos' project made me realise I should do the same.

Congratulations to Maite for her Ph.D and I hope, Carlos, that you passed succesfully your exams!

Olivier Simon
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