PIE + IE languages based conlang Hilinqwo (200?)

Your own ideas and projects: A) Revival of IE II, IE I, Indo-Uralic, etc.; B) Use of derived proto-languages, like Germanic, Slavic, etc.; C) Using PIE-based conlangs; and so on.

PIE + IE languages based conlang Hilinqwo (200?)

Postby indoeuropean on Mon Jul 28, 2008 5:53 pm

After his author,

Hilinqwo is a constructed language that I have developed over the course of nearly a decade. I did not decide that the world needed yet another constructed language (and it probably doesn't); it just "happened" from my interest in French verb conjugations and my discovery of the Indo-Europoean roots that link together most of the languages that contributed to English.


Hilinqwo is an element-based language inspired by those ancient roots. The basic objectives of the language are as follows:

* Strict rules, no exceptions, and would-be exceptions are codified as new rules.
* A vast body of elements that can be used to create words either explicitly or through common usage.
* A phonetic alphabet.

His website: http://hilinqwo.wikidot.com/
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