30 Sep 2008 : Centro Studi La Runa - Rinascita indoeuropeo

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30 Sep 2008 : Centro Studi La Runa - Rinascita indoeuropeo

Postby indoeuropean on Mon Oct 13, 2008 8:55 am

The Centro di Studi La Runa (http://www.centrostudilaruna.it/) an Italian Association of studies in history, tradition, litterature and philosophy, probably on of the most well known in the net, wrote a reference about our project of reviving the Europe's Indo-European language as a Modern Indo-European for Europe.

We hope to keep a close contact with them, to collaborate in any possible synergies that could arise from our common objectives of knowing and defending the European history, tradition and culture.

Read more: http://www.centrostudilaruna.it/huginnemuninn/2008/09/30/la-rinascita-dellindoeuropeo/
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