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A Grammar of Modern Indo-European - Second Edition

grammar 06/5/2008Indo-European
Co-author the Second Edition!

A Grammar of Modern Indo-European

(Eur. Modesnī Sindhueurōpáī Grbhmńtikā)

Future Version: 4.00, Second Printed Edition

Planned for 2009

Are You a Potential...?
  1. Book & Cover Designer
  2. IE Grammar & Vocabulary Expert
  3. English Language Corrector
  4. Translator from English into ...

Just take me to the DOC & PSD Files for Download!

1. Textbook and Book Cover Design

You can help us design the Grammar textbook from the source file - downloadable in DOCX (original) and DOC -, using any software you like - QuarkXPress, Adobe InDesign, etc. If your file is accepted as the final version, at least thousands of readers will see your work and name. If not, your alternative file will also be available for download from our site, if you wish, or your website will otherwise be linked for download.

You can also propose a new design for the book cover (downloadable in PSD format), made with the software you choose, but in any case with a GFDL, Creative Commons or similar free licenses, and indeed releasing the whole original file. Eventually only one cover file will be selected; if it's yours, it will be seen by thousands of readers; if not, yours will be an alternative cover downloadable or linked to from this website.

Please Note: To be sure there are no (unnecessary) competing designers, you may A) share your work - or at least say you are working on either the grammar or its cover (or both) - posting a comment in the forum, so that others have the possibility to collaborate with you instead of posting completely new works, or B) request the open competition to be closed, if you are a professional editor and are interested in coping with the whole work.

2. Indo-European Grammar and Vocabulary Expertise

If you are an Indo-Europeanist, a Classical philologist, an expert in any Indo-European language family branch, or just someone interested in sharing your knowledge about the reconstructed Proto-Indo-European language, you can help us adding important information or rewritting incorrect texts or whole chapters of the book - downloadable in DOCX (original) and DOC. Especially important are the corrections that have to be made to:

  1. The Syntax section (mostly based on W.P. Lehman's Research) should be more about PIE and less about its early proto-languages (Old Indian, Hittite and Greek). We would like to have a whole second volume, distinct from the basic one which deals with Morphology, Phonology and Dialectal studies.
  2. The Vocabulary & Etymologies section. Instead of just obtaining the etymology and MIE reconstructions of common Graeco-Latin and Germanic words, we would like to have a common PIE vocabulary based on the reconstructed words, as can be found in our MIE Lexicon, and especially following the thorough Pokorny's PIE dictionary. Short,easy Modern Indo-European texts should also be made available with their English translations.
  3. The Appendices should be corrected and extended, especially those about PIE phonetics and the palatal question, which is still quite controversial.
  4. The proto-languages section needs probably a thorough revision

Note: Corrections or additions of a considerable size (if accepted and added to the printed edition) will mean an inclusion of its author/s in the cover of the individual chapter, unless he or she doesn't want to be mentioned. If the corrections or additions mean a large-scale writting or rewritting of a section - viz. the new Syntax volume, full vocabulary revisions, Indo-European translated texts, adding of whole sections, etc. - the author/s will be included in the Book cover too as co-authors, along with (at least) Carlos Quiles and Fernando López-Menchero.

3. English Language & Style Corrector

Even if you are not a linguist or language expert, you can still help us improve the language and style that is shown in the book. It was written and corrected by non-native speakers, and any corrections - preferably following European English rules - are indeed welcome.

4. Translation into other European languages

At least every citizen of the European Union should be able to read the grammar. That was and is still the aim of our translation policy regarding our works on Indo-European grammar and vocabulary. If you aren't an expert in IE linguistics but can understand English quite well, please consider helping us translate the book into your language.

Downloadable Files of the Grammar - 1st Edition: Note: You can see how this Word document and its cover in PSD looks like when printed in a print-on-demand service, ordering a copy of the Grammar at (Post Quarto size) or at (Crown Quarto size), or you can try sending them your own Word documents and asking for a proof copy.

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