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Modern Indo-European Language Grammar


A Grammar of Modern Indo-European

Current Version: 3.24 (20/7/07)

You can read and contribute to the Reader Reviews

Remember: If you use external mirrors for downloading (viz. Rapidshare, MegaUpload, etc.), it is usually necessary to scroll down to the bottom of the page, to click on "download" or "accept", and then also click again on a link, or even copy and paste the URL on your navigator to begin downloading.

NOTE: The Cover file (frontpage) in Photoshop, Illustrator, Freehand or Tiff formats are released as they were delivered to the Editor - subsequent changes in format and/or design made by them and/or the Printer in the printed edition are not included and may even be subject to some form of copyright, so please be careful, especially if you want to resell copies made directly from the printed book.

Ebook in PDF and human translations:

Ebook in HTML, machine-translated texts & web translations (v. 3.20 - 12/7/07)

  1. Preface & Introduction: GermanSpanishFrenchItalianDutchPolishPortugueseRussian
  2. Writing System & Words: GermanSpanishFrenchItalianDutchPolishPortugueseRussian
  3. Nouns & Adjectives: GermanSpanishFrenchItalianDutchPolishPortugueseRussian
  4. Verbs & Particles: GermanSpanishFrenchItalianDutchPolishPortugueseRussian
  5. Syntax & Phonology: GermanSpanishFrenchItalianDutchPolishPortugueseRussian
  6. Etymological Notes: GermanSpanishFrenchItalianDutchPolishPortugueseRussian

NOTE. Automatic translated texts may be improved with your corrections, especially wrong translations repeated again and again throughout the text, by using the "replace with" function. Please share any corrections with us in the Reader Reviews. Any translation may be improved through collaboration by sharing it in the Wiki websites dedicated to the study of Indo-European, as, indogermanisch,eu,,, etc. Please visit and/or for more languages.

MIE Grammar For Print - 1st Edition, Final Version (v. 3.22 - 12/7/07):

NOTES: 1) The PDF is saved in standard Acrobat Distiller, print size 22cm x 17cm,; other formats should be proved indvidually; 2) Some links have been left and may cause unexpected problems to the Printer; 3) The FreeHand file is delivered in .FH9 and .FH11, and with rasterized text versions, to avoid font-related problems 4) The cover size is larger than it should, to leave enough space to cut margins; 5) The spine width is not adjusted to the book, and should be corrected by the Editor or Printer.

Important: Just in case you want to make major corrections, to present the book with other style or to (re)write your own chapters, please request a Word .doc(x) file to be sent to you individually at The file is not here to avoid 1) common mistakes from people downloading it instead of the recommended PDFs and 2) having to upload the .doc file every time we release a new version.

Versions' Changes

  • 20/7/07 :: (v. 3.24) Some translation (like reconstructable) and syntax mistakes corrected. Few information added or changed.
  • 14/7/07 :: (v. 3.22) Notes: Mali-gnos, "malign", (as dweni-gnos, "benign"), comes indeed from zero-grade gnos, not from chnos.
  • 13/7/07 :: (v. 3.21) Added important missing information to the pronouns.
  • 12/7/07 :: (v. 3.20) First Printed Edition, Final Version - Changes in Content and Design.
  • 27/6/07 :: (v. 3.15) First Printed Edition, Release Candidate III - Minor Changes in Content and Design.
  • 23/6/07 :: (v. 3.10) First Printed Edition, 2nd Major Version (Release Candidate II) - Minor Changes in Frontpage, Major Changes in Content and Design.
  • 04/6/07 :: (v. 3.02) Anglískos has obviously root accent, i.e. Ángliskos, as Téutiskos, and so on. Also, Europáios is irregular, following the different modern IE languages, as it could be 'purer IE' Európaios or later 'Graeco-Latin' Europaíos (Europaéus).
  • 03/6/07 :: (v. 3.01) Feminine in (v. 2.0) page 86 instead of "femenine", thanks to M.Barnett.
  • 02/6/07 :: (v. 3.00) Major changes have been made, some chapters rewritten and some others added.
  • 06/5/07 :: (v. 2.16) Minor style changes - more links are added for quick references.
  • 05/5/07 :: (v. 2.15) Major Style Revision of footnotes, now added to the end of each section, to facilitate the reading of the grammar - thanks to Adam Cooper.
  • 04/5/07 :: (v. 2.13) Added comment about "European" as an adjective and noun in Indo-European languages from Europe
  • 30/4/07 :: (v. 2.12) Minor corrections on long vowels, palato-velar g, etc.
  • 29/4/07 :: (v. 2.11) Latin endings -tas/-tati-, reduced as MIE -ta, as e.g. Lat. Uniuersitas, Uniuersitat-, "University", -> MIE Oiniwersita
  • 26/4/07 :: (v. 2.10) We enter Full Second Edition of MIE Grammar. Added Remaining Major Sections about PIE Verbal Inflection, MIE Conjugations and IE Particles, already revised. Aorist-Imperfect Question solved.
  • 22/4/07 :: (v. 2.04) Some minor style and hyperlink errors arranged.
  • 19/4/07 :: (v. 2.03) Second Declension Paradigm added.
  • 16/4/07 :: (v. 2.02) PDF is made smaller with the same quality, and some wrong images are now correctly seen.
  • 14/4/07 :: (v. 2.01) Some more words and their etymologies and derivatives added. Minor corrections in noun declension. Some more information about the authors.
  • For Changes before Version 2.0, please go to Europaio Grammar v. 1.x (already outdated).

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