About Dnghu

The Dnghu Group is a European non-profit organization whose mission is to promote the Europaio language and culture. Its primary concerns today are developing the language to bring it to its full potential and teaching Europaio as a second language in the EU. Our long-term objective is the adoption of Europaio by the Union as its main official language.

Founded in 2005 by Carlos Quiles as the Dnghu Group, it is currently reviewing its original aim, of merely promoting the language among experts, to become the generally accepted language regulator within a European-lead private, independent framework, the Dnghu Foundation. It is provisionally headquartered in Badajoz, a Spanish town near the Portuguese border.

The Dnghu Group is financed by a private Spanish education institution, Biblos, and its work is supported by Extremadura University professors. The regional Government of Extremadura is currently studying if they should fund Dnghu and its Europaio-based projects. A provisional decision is due to be made before May.

The Dnghu Foundation will provide organizational, legal, and financial support for a broad range of Europaio-based projects. The Foundation will provide a framework for intellectual property and financial contributions that simultaneously limits contributors potential legal exposure. Through a collaborative and decentralized development process, Dnghu projects will deliver freely available works under pragmatic licenses which make it easy for all users, commercial and individuals, to further develop and participate in Europaio projects.

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