Dnghu's financial needs are covered by private and public funds, as there are no commercial revenues to date. These funds come mainly from educational institutions interested in sponsoring or promoting the Europaio language, and also from regional public institutions interested in having Dnghu's national centres within their territories. The EU is our future most obvious source of funding, but at present no project has been presented to EU's funding programmes.

Unlike universal software projects driven by non-profit organizations, the Dnghu Group -future Dnghu Foundation- is European-based and European-driven, which has two main consequences:

  • It cannot rely mainly on private donations, as there is no donations-culture in Europe. We can only rely on public funding, which is in turn greater and also more stable than in the outside. This puts a big obstacle in the initial development of the project, as public funding is difficult to obtain for unknown institutions, and we know we will not receive substantial private donations.
  • Unlike those other foundations, European law does not allow enrichment of the Foundation members, which make it a clear objective of public funding. This means that, once we have passed the initial hard stage of development until we become a renowned institution, fundraising will be a more stable source of project financing for Dnghu.

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