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Indo-European Language and Literature


The Dnghu Association seeks to promote the Indo-European language status and its literature.

We foresee to develop a free quality certification, Dnghu Kertidhikation, for works translated into Modern Indo-European, so that the initial MIE literary market can be regulated to a minimum extent, and consumers are able to choose between different Indo-European translations, knowing which of them has passed our quality standards.

The main features of Dnghu's Quality Certification are as follows:

  • It applies to translations and original texts alike, for whole works as well as for all works published by a specific company or institution.
  • It does not demand more -nor less- than the minimum linguistic standards, which should have been previously established, in order for the authors to be able to abide by those rules.
  • It certifies the general linguistic correctness of the work. Therefore, it does not provide a warranty for the merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, not even for the linguistic correctness of the whole or part of the work.
  • It is as free as possible, as anyone should be able to obtain the certification. The fees (if any) should be then decided on an individual basis, adjusted to the amount of work to be revised, the licence under which it is released, the price of the final work and if it is an original work or a translation.

The Dnghu Association is also a forseeable publisher of free translated works of European literary masterworks and bestsellers, and also a translation/interpretation institution for books, Internet web sites, films or any other industry related to translation/interpretation to or from Indo-European. Some literary projects have been already proposed, as the translation of the Bible or the Little Prince, apart from other Public Domain works of different European and universal authors. If you have an especial interest in collaborating with us in the translation of such works, please contact us.

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