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Indo-European Publications


This section contains links to different online and/or free publications related to the Indo-European language & culture.

Featured Proto-Indo-European ebooks (PDF)

IE Syntax IE Phonology IE Trees IE History
Syntax Phonology Trees Linguistics
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If you want to post other works related to these subjects, either to be published and hosted in our web site, or just to be linked to from this section, please contact us.

You can also read some posts of the co-founder's Indo-European language blog.

18 Jul 2007
Wordpress Translation Plugin (Catalan, Polish, Ukrainian, Esperanto, etc.) - update v. 1.21 due to invalid XHTML code

16 Jul 2007
Wordpress Translator Plugin, now version 1.2 in English and Spanish - inglés y español

14 Jul 2007
Indo-European Grammar, 1st Printed Version in English, translated into Deutsch, français, español, italiano, Nederlands, Polski, português, Russian, and other languages thanks to direct web machine translation

8 Jul 2007
Translation of A Grammar of Modern Indo-European from English into Spanish: Gramática del indoeuropeo moderno

21 Jun 2007
Wordpress Translation Plugin v. 1.1, now also in Swedish-Svenska

8 Jun 2007
Indo-European language or Indo-European languages?

8 Jun 2007
Wordpress 2.2 Translation Plugins: compatible Traducteur - Uebersetzer - Traductor - Traduttore - Tradutor - Vertaler

4 Jun 2007
A Grammar of Modern Indo-European, 1st Edition: Printed copies will be donated to public libraries of the European Union

16 May 2007
Indo-European Grammar, First Printed Edition, with maps, summary tables, etymologies, PIE phonology and syntax…

2 May 2007
Esperanto and other inventions against Indo-European (III)

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