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Join the Indo-European revival movement


Indo-European revival projects are mainly supported by the work and collaboration of many of our learners and readers, some of them organized in more or less independent groups.

All projects about Modern Indo-European have to be driven and coordinated within a stable legal and organizational framework with its own staff. This framework is provided by Dnghu Associations.

To date, there are not sufficient means to maintain paid workers, so we rely mainly on free collaborations. If you are looking for a traditional, stable, well-paid job, this is certainly not for you. However, if you don't mind spending your free time working for an unstable, decentralized, Open Source/Libre-driven, collaboration-lead not-for-profit organization, you have come to the right place.

While collaboration in Dnghu's Europaio-based projects may generally be anonymous, to become an active member of the (tiny) Dnghu Groups we will need to know more about you.

Each new day we discover a need of a wider range of expertise, which nowadays include - but are not limited to - Indo-European studies, language education, library and computer science; also good commercial and marketing strategies are necessary if we our projects are to survive in the long-term. If you are an expert in such issues, and want to share your ideas with us, or maybe become a Dnghu member, please contact us.

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