Teaching and Learning Europaio

The Teaching and Learning of Europaio words and main grammatical rules are primary for the success of Europaio as a spoken modern language. Almost every effort made until today develops or helps to develop its grammar and vocabulary, so that it becomes as usable as any other of its modern derived dialects.

Three are the objectives of our works:

  • the building of the Corpus linguistics
  • the development of Vocabulary to match modern needs
  • the Use of the language in the media and in educational institutions.

Following this strategy, the Dnghu Group is developing different Internet-based projects related to this different dimensions of the teaching and learning of the language:

  • Europaiom.org, a Consortium of public and private institutions for Corpus building based on the knowledge exchange of renowned experts from postsecondary institutions.
  • Europaio.org, a wiki web site for public European collaboration, to further match the language needs by those who will use it.
  • Wrdhom.org, another wiki web site integrated in the Europaio Open Source projects, to specifically develop a collaborative source of vocabulary.
  • Wlqo.com, a PHP-based Translator/Dictionary Engine, to be able to write and read the language until it is learned.
  • Europaios.com, a news web site, where everybody can collaborate posting news written in Europaio. At the moment of this writings, it is still not available for the public, though.

Apart from these more or less independent projects, you can find different resources and downloads at Dnghu.org.

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