Dnghu projects are supported mainly by the work and collaboration of many of our learners and readers, whose aim is to help Europaio become a spoken and renowned language, and hopefully EU's main official language in the long-term.

There are currently two active projects and one in development in which you can collaborate freely. Especially if you are European and you don't mind sending us information about you, you can become an active member of the meritocracy which governs these projects: europaio.org, wrdhom.org and also -opened for anonymous contributors- the collaborative news web site europaios.com.

If you are a member of a public or private institution and you think it would be interested in joining the Europaio Consortium, you could be among those who decide the future definitive shape of the Europaio grammar and vocabulary. Final decisions and recommendations will be posted by the experts on europaiom.org web site, while discussions will be held on a private wiki, both projects being directed and administered by the Dnghu Group and its main Consortium partners.

If you are a software developer, we are currently developing the online translator/dictionary WLQO, based on the OTE Translator. You can wait until we decide which licence to choose and how we want to release and develop it, or you can contact us right now if you want to share your ideas before we make a decision. Anonymous developers are also welcome.

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