The main objective of Dnghu's web site is to provide information about Europaio to -at least- every citizen of the EU. Our Group is at present too small to be able to write it in so many languages, so we rely -when we can- on software translation. We can only read the translated pages sometimes to try to correct major machine mistakes, but our accuracy in doing so depends on our knowledgement of other languages and on our time to review again and again the same texts.

While we feel more or less comfortable in our native languages, and everyone feel that mistakes can be just a source of fun among the community members, we know that it can be very disappointing and even annoying for our readers to find big errata in other languages' texts. For example, a 'stable' work is constantly translated as a 'stall' work, and three errors like this one in a single page could be enough for a reader to leave Dnghu's sites.

We are asking you for help, because just one correction from each of our readers can amount to a very good overall translation. It doesn't matter if you are a native speaker of the language or not, you just need to speak English (and maybe the Spanish web site could be a good source for comparison) and the other language you want to help with, and you can begin right now posting mistakes in our forum. But please, do not concentrate your efforts just in minor style corrections, which are more a matter of personal feelings: in this case, it would be more efficient to dedicate your time to help us develop Europaio grammar, vocabulary, news, etc.

Common software mistakes due to multiple meanings of the same word:

  • stable: *stall
  • about: *around
  • Europaio-based: *located in Europaio
  • Dnghu Group: *group of Dnghu
  • Dnghu Foundation: *the basis of Dnghu
  • licence: *permit
  • education: *scholastic, *teaching
  • deliver, release: *liberate
  • common: *related to
  • Creative Commons: *creative related to
  • legal suit: *legal costume
  • private: *reserved, *confidential
  • work: *function
  • works: *motors, *engines,..
  • race: *competition
  • Open Source: *opened origin, *opened spring
  • Send/post: *transfer, *pass, ...
  • Commercial: *advertisement, ...

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