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Maven Plugin Matrix
Added by Jason van Zyl, last edited by allan ramirez on Jul 27, 2005
  • This list compares plugin availability between M1 and M2, tracking all publicly available plugins.
  • If a publicly available plugin is not on the list, please email the Maven users list asking to add it.
  • Note that in M2, no plugins ship with the core. M2 downloads them transparently as needed.
  • A red X in the M2 column means the plugin is not yet available for M2.
  • We hope to convert all plugins in a priority order (popularity?) and as time permits.
  • We need folks in the community to help out with the porting effort.
  • If you can convert a plugin from M1 to M2, please email the Maven users list to have your comments added.


  • Add plugins from SF project
  • prioritise

= Non functional

Maven Distributed Plugins

Plugin Maven 1.x Maven 2.x Matches M1 Feature Set Documentation Replaced M1 Version Author for m2 version Comments
Maven Ant Plugin    
Maven Antlr Plugin    
Maven AspectJ Plugin    
Maven Castor Plugin    
Maven Changelog Plugin    
Maven Dev Activity Plugin   Make part of changelog plugin
Maven File Act. Plugin   Make part of changelog plugin
Maven Checkstyle Plugin    
Maven Clean Plugin    
Maven Clover Plugin Vincent Massol In progress
Maven Distribution Plugin   Assembly Plugin in m2
Maven NSIS Plug-in    
Maven EAR Plugin Stephane Nicoll Basic functionalities are available
Maven Eclipse Plugin    
Maven EJB Plugin    
Maven Genapp Plugin   Equivalent with Archetypes
Maven Hibernate Plug-in Edwin Punzalan In progress
Maven IDEA Plug-in    
Maven Jalopy Plugin   One is partially done in mojos@codehaus
Maven Jar Plug-in    
Maven Java Plug-in   Same as compiler plugin in m2
Maven Javacc Plugin Allan Ramirez Finished
Maven Javadoc Plug-in    
Maven JBoss plugin    
Maven JBuilder Plug-in    
Maven JDepend Plugin Allan Ramirez In Progress
Maven JDiff Plugin    
Maven Jetty plugin Kristian Nordal <kristian.nordal at gmail.com> In Progress
Maven JNLP Plug-in    
Maven JUnit Report Plugin   Should this be inside the surefire plugin?
Maven JXR Plug-in Fabrice BELLINGARD In Progress
Maven LinkCheck Plug-in    
Maven Native Plug-in   Dan Tran <dantran at gmail.com> has expressed interest in developing the m2 version
Maven Plugin Plugin    
Maven PMD Plug-in    
Maven RAR Plugin Stephane Nicoll In Progress
Maven Release Plug-in    
Maven SCM Plug-in    
Maven Simian Plugin    
Maven Site Plugin    
Maven Tasklist Plug-in Fabrice BELLINGARD In Progress
Maven Test Plug-in   Surefire plugin in m2
Maven WAR Plugin    
Maven Console Plugin    
Maven Cruise ctrl Plugin    
Maven FAQ Plug-in   Equivalent with Doxia
Maven Html2XDoc Plug-in   Could easily make an html parser for Doxia
Maven License Plug-in   Part of project-reports
Maven PDF Plug-in   Should be a Doxia sink
Maven DocBook Plugin   Equivalent with Doxia
Maven XDoc Plug-in   Equivalent with Doxia
Maven Announcement Plugin   Announcement, (multi?)changes and JIRA all need to work together and may require some rethinking before implementation
Maven Changes Plugin    
Maven JIRA Plug-in    
Maven MultiChanges plugin   Maybe N/a?
Maven Dashboard Plugin   May have a significantly different implementation under m2

Hosted Outside Maven

Plugin Maven 1.x Maven 2.x Matches M1 Feature Set Documentation Replaced M1 Version Author for m2 version Comments
Maven Clirr Plugin   http://clirr.sourceforge.net/clirr-maven/index.html
Maven Lint4J Plug-in    
Maven Findbugs Plug-in    
Maven JDBC Plug-in Jesse McConnell  
Maven SableCC Plug-in Jesse McConnell  
Maven WSDL2Java Plugin Jesse McConnell  
Maven NBM Plugin Milos Kleint <mkleint at codehaus.org> Planned for 2.0 final, not started yet
Weblogic EJBGen Plugin    
Tomcat Plugin    
Maven Validator Plugin    
XDoclet Plugin Kenney Westerhof <forge at neonics.com> http://www.neonics.com/projects/maven-xdoclet-plugin/)
Maven Taglib Plugin    
Maven xsddoc Plugin    
Maven DocCheck Plugin    
UCDD (use cases) Plugin    
Maven Historical Plugin    
Weblogic Plugin Ryan Scott <Scott.Ryan at echostar.com> In Progress
Maven XML Beans Plugin David Jencks, Brett Porter and Kris Bravo In Progress
Maven OSGi Plugin   M1: http://mavenosgiplugin.berlios.de/
Maven QALab Plugin   ???
Maven Cactus Plugin    
Maven Cargo Plugin   Scott Ryan expressed interest in developing the m2 version
Maven Cobertura Plugin Will Gwaltney In Progress
Maven RMIC Plugin Trygve Laugstol  

Wanted Plugins

Plugin Maven 1.x Maven 2.x Documentation Author for m2 version Comments
Maven JarJar Plugin    
Maven TestNG Plugin    

Low priority

Plugin Maven 1.x Maven 2.x Matches M1 Feature Set Documentation Replaced M1 Version Author for m2 version Comments
Maven Abbot plugin   Possibly no maintainer for m2 version
Maven Uberjar Plugin Johnny Ruiz In Progress - much is already covered by assembly and uberjar bootstrap was very slow. would prefer a jarjar plugin
Maven POM Plugin   We only need the validation goals from this, which could be part of a generic XML validation plugin

New as of Maven2

Maven Sources Plugin
Maven Verifier plugin

Old plugins that will not be converted

Maven Artifact Plugin
Maven Appserver Plugin
Maven Ashkelon Plugin
Maven AspectWerkz Plugin
Maven Caller Plugin
Maven TJDO plugin
Maven VDoclet Plug-in
Maven Webserver Plugin
Maven Wizard Plug-in
Maven Touchstone Plug-in
Maven Touchstone Partner Plug-in
Maven J2EE Plugin
Maven JDEE Plug-in
Maven JUnitDoclet Plug-in
Maven Latka Plug-in
Maven Struts Plugin
Maven JDeveloper Plug-in
Maven Latex Plug-in
Maven Shell Plug-in
Maven Gump Plug-in (No Maven2 support in Gump)
Maven Repository Plug-in
Maven JCoverage plugin (Deprecated, see Cobertura)
Maven JellyDoc Plug-in
Maven MultiProject Plugin
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