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Frequently Asked Questions

0. What is .cat ?
0.1. Whats the .cat domain name for ?
The .cat TLD is intended to serve the needs of the Catalan Linguistic and
Cultural Community on the Internet. That is, those who use the Catalan language for their online communications, and/or promote the different aspects of Catalan culture online.

0.2 Who manages the .cat domain?

The .cat domain is managed by Fundació puntCAT, which is a non profit organization and is open to the participation of all interested persons and entities.

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1. Who can get a .cat?
1.1. Who can apply for a .cat domain name ?
You need to belong to the Catalan linguistic and cultural community in the Internet. You can belog to it if you:
  • already have contents in Catalan published online.
  • you could benefit of Sunrise's phases 1 or 3 validation codes.
  • you have access to an special code (sometimes called ENS)
  • issued during special promotions or by agreements with certain institutions.
  • you develop activities (in any language) to promote the Catalan culture and language.
  • or you are endorsed (sponsored mail) by 3 people that or 1 institution already using a .cat domain name.

1.2. Can I register a .cat domain if I do not live in a Catalan speaking country?

Sure. The .cat domain is not territorial, but applies to all the Catalan-speaking community. Therefore, if you fulfill the conditions described above (domain naming conventions and web related to the Catalan culture or language), you may register a .cat domain regardless of where you live.

1.3. Can anyone register a .cat domain?

Yes. Any individual, association, organization, company, etc. that fulfills the conditions mentioned earlier can apply for a .cat domain.

1.4. For how long do I need to register a .cat domain name ?

The minimum is for 1 year and the maximum 10 years.

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2. How can I get a .cat domain name ?
2.0. Is it possible to register a .cat domain right now?

Yes. The restricted launch period (Sunrise) went from February 13th to April 21st 2006. The registry is open for everybody since April 23rd 2006.

2.1. Can I get a .cat domain in the same way I can get a .com or .org one?

The .cat domain is a generic domain, like the .com or .org, however, unlike these two, has a more restricted personality as it is addressed to the Catalan linguistic and cultural community in the Internet. And Fundació puntCAT has an ICANN's contractual duty to verify that all domains are related to this community.

Therefore, whoever may demonstrate its relation with the Catalan linguistic and cultural community may get a .cat domain. For instance, you may communicate online or have a web site in Catalan, you are member of an entity that already has a .cat domain, or you just want to address the Catalan speaking community in its language.

2.2. Can I get a domain directly from Fundaciķ puntCAT?

No. The domains must be bought via the authorized registrars.

2.3 How will I know which are these authorized registrars?

You can find the current list of authorized registrars

2.4. Can I register several .cat domains?

Sure. You may register as many .cat domains as you wish as far you comply with the rules of nomenclature and suitability described in this FAQ.

2.5. How will a .cat domain cost?

The final price will be fixed by the registrars and, therefore, as it happens with other domain names, price will vary according to each registrar's added services (DNS servers; hosting, mail, phone support, etc...).

2.6. Will all domains cost the same?

Like for all the new domains, prices are higher at Sunrise, due to the particular restrictions and checks that are necessary during this phase, and the possibility to register your domain before the general opening. After Sunrise you may get different prices at different registrars and also special reduced prices during promotions.

2.7. How can I become an authorized .cat registrar?

The .cat domain, like all the generic domains (.com, .org. info, .museum...) can only be registered via authorized ICANN registrars that in addition want to register .cat domains too. Here ( you will find the description of the conditions and the process. If you are interested in becoming a .cat registrar and fulfill ICANN's conditions, you can contact us.

2.8. The process to become ICANN accredited registrar seems a little too long, complex and expensive. Is there any other way for me to offer .cat domains to my customers?

The majority of the registrars have reseller networks. Talk to the .cat authorized registrar you prefer.

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3. What can I do with a .cat domain name ?
3.1. I have already my .cat domain, but I do not know how to use it in my website or in my electronic mail.

The domain is an entry in a data base that associates your domain name to an IP address (that is, the location of a computer in the net). The registrars that offer hosting services (that is, space of disk where to put your web site or to receive and to send your electronic mail) they will indicate you how you can rise the contents of your pages or how can read the mail with the reader that you use.

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4. .cat technical specifications
4.2. Will the .cat domains be able to show any combination of letters and numbers?

No. The domain names length must have more than 2 characters and less than 63. The accepted characters are those of the Catalan alphabet, plus digits (0-9) and the hyphen (aka minus sign), but this last cannot be the first or last character of the domain name, and you cannot put two hyphens side by side. Capital letters and lower case characters are treated as the same character.

4.3. Will it be possible to have domains with accents, c-cedilla (į) and geminated el (lˇl) ?

Yes. The .cat domain accepts the 11 Catalan special characters (à; ç; è é; í; ï; l·l; ò; ó; ú; ü). Note than if you register a domain with accents, you will also register (for free) the domain without accents. For instance, if you register fundació.cat you will get too. Both domains behave, as a matter of fact, like a single one.

4.4. I have never seen domains with accents. Does it really work?

It is necessary to say that these special IDN or 'Internationalized Domain Names' are still in an experimental phase, but work. Not all the web browsers recognize them in a direct way yet (the Internet Explorer needs to get a plug-in), and they cannot be used in electronic mail. Nevertheless, Fundació puntCAT believes important that, despite the somehow limited functionality, users can use all the characters of the Catalan language.

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