Fireball reporting form

This data will be sent to the The Canadian Fireball Reporting Centre at Mount Alison University, coordinated by Bob Hawkes. You should receive a confirmation from the MIAC server that the data has been sent correctly. If you do not get a confirmation try sending it again.

Please fill out as many boxes as possible, or you can fill out a report in the comments box at the bottom of the form. You can type as much as you want into each box. Please enter the numbers with units (degrees etc.).

Want to know more about the link between fireballs and meteorite falls?

Or about anomalous sounds associated with fireballs? This form is only for Canadian fireball reports. In the US please send reports to the Fireball Reporting Centre of the American Meteor Society


Observer's name
Phone (home) Phone (work)
Date of the fireball Time (incl. time zone)
Cloud (none or %)
If possible provide coordinates from a topographic map
Latitude - deg, min, sec
Longitude - deg, min, sec
Or else describe location


Fill in either earth-based coordinates

Beginning point elevation (deg) Beginning point azimuth (deg, 0=north)
Ending point elevation (deg) Ending point azimuth (deg, 0=north)

Or in stellar coordinates

Beginning point right ascension Beginning point declination
Ending point right ascension Ending point declination
Probable error in points (deg)

Or relative to stars

Trail position relative to stars
Apparent angle to horizontal Ending point visible (Yes or No)
Apparent magnitude
Comparison with brightness of full moon
Duration (seconds)
Apparent speed (compared to other meteors; fast, medium, slow or deg/sec)
Describe flares, fragments, etc. Colour(s)
Persistent Train (Yes or No; if Yes give duration in sec.)
Sound Time interval between fireball and sound (seconds)


It is not necessary to fill out this section if reported by the observer.
Name Email
Telephone (work) Telephone (home)

If you have further comments please write them here

data to Fireball centre all boxes

The Canadian Fireball Reporting Centre is a project of the Meteorite and Impacts Advisory Committee (MIAC) of the Canadian Space Agency. It is coordinated by Bob Hawkes and Damien Lemay Fireball Centre Fax Number: (506) 364-2580 Fireball Centre Telephone Answering Machine: (506) 364-2582. Form designed by Michael Higgins

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