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Canada Gazette

Published since 1867, the Canada Gazette is the official news bulletin of the Government of Canada. The Canada Gazette is published in three parts, each available as a separate subscription.
(Canadian Government Publishing). Canada Gazette on-line.

Canada Gazette: Part I

Published every Saturday, it contains all formal public notices, official appointments, proposed regulations and miscellaneous notices from the government and private sectors that are required to be published by a federal statute or a regulation.

Softcover 21.5 cm x 28 cm
Annual Subscription:
Cat. No. SP2-1 Canada: $135.00
ISSN 0045-4192 Other countries: US$175.50
Per Issue:
Canada: $2.95
Other countries: US$3.95

Canada Gazette: Part II

Published every second Wednesday, it contains regulations as defined in the Statutory Instruments Act, and certain other classes of statutory instruments.

Softcover 21.5 cm x 28 cm
Annual Subscription:
Cat. No. SP2-2 Canada: $67.50
ISSN 0045-4206 Other countries: US$87.75
Per Issue:
Canada: $3.50
Other countries: US$4.95

Canada Gazette: Part III

Features the most recent public acts following Royal Assent.

Softcover 21.5 cm x 28 cm
Annual Subscription:
Cat. No. SP2-11 Canada: $28.50
ISSN 0705-9485 Other countries: US$37.05
Per Issue:
Canada: $4.50
Other countries: US$5.95

Crisis Management Within A Political Environment:
A Self-learning Program for Federal Public Service Managers

Tunagate, Oka, Somalia, the Turbot War-words that conjure up instant images in the minds of Canadians. Seemingly unconnected events except they do have one common theme - they rivetted the attention of Parliament Hill. Crises such as these generate public anxiety, and place exceptional demands on government.
Crisis Management Within a Political Environment provides the practical guidelines for developing and activating crisis management plans. The program combines video and print components that are ideal for self-learners and group participants alike.
"While the players change and the sensitivities are different, I believe Crisis Management will help senior people and managers outside the federal government develop the basic tools and techniques for managing crises as they happen in their job settings," says George Pilpe, an advisor with Environment Canada and a key developer of the program.
He mentioned municipal and provincial governments, private sector companies with high public profiles, researchers, scientists and the academic community as good candidates for the product.
The 62-minute video and the manual are divided into five modules, each depicting a different step in handling a crisis. The final module brings everything together in a simulated crisis scenario designed to involve and challenge the viewer and reinforce the principles learned in the first four modules.
Crises in a political environment can be tough challenges. They are also inevitable. It makes sense to plan before they happen while time is still a luxury.
(Environment Canada)

Manual: Bilingual
Softcover 21.5cm x 28cm 1995
Cat. No. EN21-133-1995-1 Canada: $24.95
ISBN:0-660-59823-X Other countries: US$24.95
Softcover Manual and two video cassettes (English, French)
Cat. No. EN21-133 Canada: $495.00
Other countries: US$495.00

The History of the Vote in Canada

What factors have affected voter turnout in Canadian elections since the eighteenth century? When did women win the right to vote in Canada? How many referendums have been held in Canada since Confederation and what did we learn from them? Fascinating questions with intriguing answers. And you`ll find them in the soon-to-be-released History of the Vote in Canada -- prepared especially to mark the 75th anniversary of Elections Canada, the non-partisan agency of parliament responsible for the conduct of elections and referendums. Richly illustrated with historical documents, artifacts, proclamations and cartoons, and enhanced with anecdotes and quotes from famous personages, the book delves into an aspect of Canadian political history that has never been fully explored until now. The History of the Vote in Canada deals with elections both before and after Confederation, as it traces the sometimes rocky journey to the modern ballot box. Governor General Romeo LeBlanc and Chief Electoral Officer Jean Pierre Kingsley are both featured in the foreword.
(Elections Canada)

Softcover 25.5cm x 21cm
Cat. No. SE3-36-1995E Price to be determined. Coming Winter 1996.
ISBN: 0-660-16172-9

Estimates Documents 1995-1996

How is the Government planning to spend your tax dollars? Prepared for Members of parliament, these documents provide a snapshot of federal government programs and financial management and accountability within the Government of Canada. The Estimates Documents include Part I, The Government Expenditure Plan, which explains government spending in total and by broad policy areas; Part II, The Estimates, which outlines expenditures by department, agency and program and which contains the items proposed for approval by parliament; and a number of Part III volumes which contain detailed information on individual departments, agencies and programs.
(Treasury Board Secretariat)

Part I: The Government Expenditure Plan

Part II: The Estimates

21.5 cm x 27 cm 1995
Cat. No. BT31-2-1996 Canada: $60.00
Other countries: US$77.95

Part III: Departmental Expenditure Plans (by department or agency)

A complete list of the volumes in Part III is available on request from our order desk. Telephone (819) 956-4800.

The Manager's Deskbook: Forth Edition

If you are like most public service managers, and unsure of where to find the information you need fast, The Manager's Deskbook will become your bureaucratic lifesaver in the ever-changing sea of policies and procedures. Within seconds, read up on any policy from discipline to budget control. The Manager's Deskbook is a gold mine of need-to-know information for managers in a hurry. So don't delay. Get yours today.
(Treasury Board Secretariat)

Softcover 14cm x 21.5cm 240 p. 1995
Cat. No. BT22-14-1995E Canada: $19.95
ISBN 0-660-15743-8 Other countries: US$25.95

Library of Parliament Research Branch Publications

Highly popular and ideal research materials for high school, college and university teachers and students. Prepared for parliamentarians, these papers are updated regularly and contain a chronology of events, Parliamentary action and a select reading list .
(Library of Parliament - Research Branch)

Bosnia-Hercegovina: The International Response

Background paper BP-374E. References. 1994.

Softcover 21.5 cm x 28 cm 49 p. 1994
Cat. No. YM32-2-374E Canada: $10.95
ISBN 0-660-15648-2 Other countries: US$14.25

Chiapas and After: The Mexican Crisis and Implications for Canada

Background paper BP-384E. References. 1994.

Softcover 21.5 cm x 28 cm 16 p. 1994
Cat. No. YM32-2-384E Canada: $6.50
ISBN 0-660-15655-5 Other countries: US$8.45

Federal-Provincial Fiscal Relations in Canada: Two Proposals for Reform

Background paper BP-382E. References. 1994.

Softcover 21.5 cm x 28 cm 13 p. 1994
Cat. No. YM32-2-382E Canada: $6.00
ISBN 0-660-15654-7 Other countries: US$7.80

Federal-Provincial Relations

Current issue review 93-10E. References. 1994.

Softcover 21.5 cm x 28 cm 17 p. 1994
Cat. No. YM32-1-93-10E Canada: $6.00
ISBN 0-660-15619-9 Other countries: US$7.80

Free Trade in Latin America and the Caribbean

Background paper BP-372E. References. 1994.

Softcover 21.5 cm x 28 cm 25 p. 1994
Cat. No. YM32-2-372E Canada: $7.00
ISBN 0-660-15646-6 Other countries: US$9.10

The Goods and Services Tax: The Government andAdministration Costs

Background paper BP-377E. References. 1994.

Softcover 21.5 cm x 28 cm 11 p. 1994
Cat. No. YM32-2-377E Canada: $5.50
ISBN 0-660-15651-2 Other countries: US$7.15

Hate Propaganda

Current issue review 85-6E. References. 1985, revised May, 1994.

Softcover 21.5 cm x 28 cm 22 p. 1985
Cat. No. YM32-1-85-6-1994-05E Canada: $7.00
ISBN 0-660-15678-4 Other countries: US$9.10

The Official Languages in Canada: Federal Policy

Current issue review 93-8E. References. 1994.

Softcover 21.5 cm x 28 cm 16 p. 1994
Cat. No. YM32-1-93-8E Canada: $6.50
ISBN 0-660-15617-2 Other countries: US$8.45

Public Opinion Polling in Canada

Background paper BP-371E. References. 1994.

Softcover 21.5 cm x 28 cm 17 p. 1994
Cat. No. YM32-2-371E Canada: $6.50
ISBN 0-660-15645-8 Other countries: US$8.45

Reorganizing Government: New Approaches to Public Service Reform

Background paper BP-375E. References. 1994.

Softcover 21.5 cm x 28 cm 30 p. 1994
Cat. No. YM32-2-375E Canada: $8.00
ISBN 0-660-15649-0 Other countries: US$10.40

Reorganizing Government: The Reform Debate in Perspective

Background paper BP-376E. References. 1994.

Softcover 21.5 cm x 28 cm 43 p. 1994
Cat. No. YM32-2-376E Canada: $9.95
ISBN 0-660-15650-4 Other countries: US$12.95

Standing Orders of the House of Commons, September 1994

Standing Orders details the official rules and procedures of the House of Commons. Topics covered include order and decorum, the daily program, motions, special debates, questions, financial procedures, private members' business, committees, House administration and process of debate. Bilingual.
(House of Commons)

Softcover 22 cm x 28 cm 125 p. 1994
Cat. No. X9-2-1994 Canada: $23.95
ISBN 0-660-59659-8 Other countries: US$31.95

Supply Manual

Get the inside scoop on bidding for federal government contracts! This plain-language guide takes you through each step of the procurement process, from developing your own strategy to managing your contract. Developed with the expertise of front line contracting officers, the Supply Manual answers your most pressing questions: What effect does NAFTA have on bidding procedures? What are the guidelines for allowable contract costs?
(Public Works and Government Services Canada)

Binder Looseleaf 21.5 cm x 28 cm 500 p. 1994
Main Volume:
Cat. No. P26-1-1994E Canada: $49.95
Other countries: US$64.95
Standing Order:
Cat. No. P26-1 (Price Varies)

Treasury Board Manual

This series focuses on communications, contracting, security, and other fields related to information and administrative functions of government. The manual strengthens, integrates and rationalizes the adminstrative polices for these areas. Each volume is available separately. Amendments are available on a standing order basis. Binders are not included. Bilingual.
(Treasury Board Secretariat)

Access to Information

Provides interpretation of the Access to Information Act and regulations to go along with the policy requirements and guidelines to be used by government institutions in carrying out their responsibilities under the Act. Bilingual.

Looseleaf 21.5 cm x 28 cm 1993
Main Volume:
Cat. No. BT52-6-10-1993 Canada: $35.95
Other countries: US$46.75
Standing Order:
Cat. No. BT52-10 (Price varies)

Privacy and Data Protection

Contains the policy and guidelines which are referred to in paragraph 71(1)(d) of the Privacy Act to provide guidance to government institutions concerning the operation of the Act and regulations. Bilingual.

Looseleaf 21.5 cm x 28 cm 1993
Main Volume:
Cat. No. BT52-6-11-1993 Canada: $33.95
Other countries: US$44.15
Standing Order:
Cat. No. BT52-11 (Price varies)

Material, Risk and Common Services

This volume consolidates all Treasury Board policies and guidelines on material management, risk management and services offered by common service organizations. It is composed of five major components, each of which includes policy volumes in the following areas: personnel management; information and administrative management; resource management and comptrollership; official languages; and general management.

Looseleaf 21.5 cm x 28 cm 500 p. 1994
Main Volume:
Cat. No. BT52-6-5-1994 Canada: $33.95
Other countries: US$44.15
Standing Order:
Cat. No. BT52-5 (Price Varies)


This publication cancels the Financial Management volume as of October 1, 1994. Bilingual.

Looseleaf 21.5 cm x 28 cm 1994
Main Volume:
Cat. No. BT52-12-1-1994 Canada: $59.95
Other countries: US$77.95
Standing Order:
Cat. No. BT52-12-1 (Price Varies)

Government of Canada/Gouvernement
du Canada.