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Administrative Writing: Memos and Letters

Have you ever had to write a letter, memo or curriculum vitae and wondered if you were using the right style, organization or wording? Don't write another word without your copy of Administrative Writing, your most valuable desk companion. If you want to present your organization in a polished, professional manner, proper administrative correspondence is critical. You'll find samples of memos, letters and resumes and practice exercises with answers to help you perfect your writing skills.
(Public Service Commission)

Spiralbound 21.5 cm x 28 cm 146 p. 1986
Cat. No. SC83-99-5000-1101E Canada: $14.95
ISBN 0-660-12117-4 Other countries: US$19.45

Plain Language: Clear and Simple

Tried to make sense of reports, memos or manuals crammed with wordy mumbo jumbo? Want to avoid the same pitfalls in your own writing? Follow the seven steps in Plain Language: Clear and Simple and your prose will sparkle with new clarity. Keep it handy for practical advice on organizing information, choosing words, and constructing sentences and paragraphs. There s even help with presentation, type style, graphics and illustrations. Know what questions to ask yourself before you start writing. Then begin with confidence and style, using the handy checklist provided at the end. Available in print, audio cassette or braille.
(Multiculturalism and Citizenship Canada)

Spiralbound 15.5 cm x 23 cm 59 p. 1991
Print Format:
Cat. No. CI53-3-3-1991E Canada: $6.95
ISBN 0-660-14185-X Other countries: US$9.05
Cassette Format:
Cat. No. CI53-3-3-1991E-A Canada: $6.95
ISBN 0-660-14186-8 Other countries: US$9.05

Terminology Bulletins and Vocabularies

This collection of English-French vocabularies, researched and compiled by translators and terminologists, covers a wide range of fields. The publications provide definitions for the terms as well as the correct translations to the other official language.
(Public Works and Government Services Canada - Translation Bureau)

Combinatory Vocabulary of CAD-CAM in Mechanical Engineering

Includes concepts from informatics, computer graphics, design, modelling, numerical control, robotics and production for translators, technical writers and terminologists, as well as by French-speaking CAD/CAM teachers, students and technicians. References. Terminology Bulletin 219.

Softcover 22 cm x 22 cm 145 p. 1993
Cat. No. S52-2-219-1993 Canada: $15.95
ISBN 0-660-58029-2 Other countries: US$15.95

Constitutional Glossary

Contains approximately 1,000 constitutional terms, and French and English synonyms for each entry. Terminology Bulletin 220.

Softcover 22 cm x 22 cm 279 p. 1993
Cat. No. S52-2-220-1993 Canada: $17.95
ISBN 0-660-58852-8 Other countries: US$17.95

Correctional Administration Vocabulary

A revised and expanded version of the 1985 Corrections Glossary, this vocabulary consists of a bilingual listing of 1,800 terms. Includes terms from the new Corrections and Conditional Release Act and Regulations, and from recent criminal law publications. Terminology Bulletin 224.

Softcover 14 cm x 22 cm 325 p. 1994
Cat. No. S52-2-224-1994 Canada: $29.95
ISBN 0-660-59111-1 Other countries: US$29.95

Emergency Preparedness Glossary

Contains terminology relating to emergency response planning, population evacuation, health and social services, radioactivity, fallout shelters, continuity of government during wartime, specialized training and the structure of emergency preparedness organizations. Terminology Bulletin 181.

Softcover 14 cm x 21.5 cm 129 p. 1988
Cat. No. S52-2-181 Canada: $11.95
ISBN 0-660-54057-6 Other countries: US$11.95

Export Financing and Insurance Vocabulary

This English-French-Spanish vocabulary was developed by the Terminology and Documentation Directorate of the Translation Bureau in co-operation with the Language Services Department of Export Development Corporation, to provide trilingual definitions of complex terms pertaining to international trade, finance, economics and insurance.
Compiled in response to the rapid growth of trade initiated by the North American Free Trade Agreement, the vocabulary has been designed as a reference tool for exporters, insurers, suppliers, financial experts and language specialists.
The vocabulary contains approximately 1 400 entries, defining more than 470 terms, listed in a clear, side-by-side arrangement.
For certain entries, helpful phraseology untis have been added to illustrate the idiomatic usage in each language, making this a practical and valuable resource.

Cat. No. S52-2-230-1996 Canada $32.98
ISBN 0-660-59978-3 Other countries: US $32.98

Graphic Arts Vocabulary

Contains approximately 1,600 concepts that reflect the rapid evolution of modern graphic arts terminology in fields such as electronic publishing, phototypesetting and computer graphics. Five appendices deal with such varied topics as type classification schemes, typographic units and paper sizes. Terminology Bulletin 210.

Softcover 14 cm x 21.5 cm 573 p. 1993
Cat. No. S52-2-210-1993 Canada: $36.95
ISBN 0-660-58025-X Other countries: US$36.95

Informatics Glossary

An indispensable aid to keeping pace with the enormous strides made in computer technology each year. Dealing especially with general-use work stations, the over 2,000 entries also cover the terminology of commercial networks, multimedia, mobile computing, and virtual reality. Terminology Bulletin 225.

Softcover 14 cm x 22 cm 209 p. 1994
Cat. No. S52-2-225-1994 Canada: $19.95
ISBN 0-660-59112-X Other countries: US$19.95

Integrated Pest Management Glossary

Contains 1,100 terms for the biological, chemical, cultural, and physical control methods used to protect crops from pests. Terminology Bulletin 221.

Softcover 14 cm x 22 cm 141 p. 1994
Cat. No. S52-2-221-1994 Canada: $17.95
ISBN 0-660-58989-3 Other countries: US$17.95

Legal Glossary of Federal Statutes

Comprises legal terms contained in the Revised Statutes of Canada (1985) and in the first four supplements. Nearly 20,000 pages of federal legislation were scanned for this project. Terminology Bulletin 192.

Softcover 14 cm x 21.5 cm 449 p. 1989
Cat. No. S52-2-192 Canada: $34.95
ISBN 0-660-54823-2 Other countries: US$34.95

Radarsat and Microwave Remote Sensing Vocabulary

The language of remote sensing satellite technology draws on a number of well-known modern disciplines and techniques which have been substantially modified for application in outer space. Features 700 universal terms and 350 abbreviations for remote sensing that pertain to RADARSAT and other spacecrafts. This vocabulary was prepared with the expertise of the Canadian Space Agency and Spar Aerospace Limited. Bibliography.

Softcover 14 cm x 22 cm 145 p. 1994
Cat. No. S52-2-229-1994 Canada: $17.95
ISBN 0-660-59632-6 Other countries: US$17.95

Vocabulary of Agriculture

More than 9,000 entries reflect the evolution and complexity of agricultural terminology, which encompasses a wide range of fields, including soil science and veterinary medicine, biotechnology and genetic engineering, animal science and agrometeorology, food science and agricultural engineering. Terminology Bulletin 197.

Hardcover 14 cm x 21.5 cm 1213 p. 1990
Cat. No. S52-2-197 Canada: $53.95
ISBN 0-660-56250-2 Other countries: US$53.95

Vocabulary of Educational Technology and Training

Contains approximately 6,400 English/French vocabulary entries including basic training terms, as well as terms specific to adult education, teaching and training methods, educational technology and psychology. Terminology Bulletin 196.

Softcover 14 cm x 21.5 cm 1005 p. 1991
Cat. No. S52-2-196 Canada: $47.95
ISBN 0-660-55793-2 Other countries: US$47.95

Vocabulary of Family Violence

Contains terms for childrearing violence, child sexual abuse, sexual aggression, violence against women in our society, elder abuse, the abuse of disadvantaged people and Aboriginal violence. Includes related terms from sociology, psychology, social work and Canadian law. Terminology Bulletin 222.

Softcover 14 cm x 22 cm 209 p. 1994
Cat. No. S52-2-222-1994 Canada: $19.95
ISBN 0-660-59106-5 Other countries: US$19.95

Vocabulary of Food Additives

From absinthe oil to zinc sulfate, this vocabulary contains 3,000 of the most commonly used terms in food chemistry. Terminology Bulletin 195.

Softcover 14 cm x 21.5 cm 401 p. 1990
Cat. No. S52-2-195 Canada: $29.95
ISBN 0-660-55668-5 Other countries: US$29.95

Vocabulary of Packaging

Contains 900 terms from the field of packaging, including labelling, cartoning, case loading, and tamper-resistant packaging. Terminology Bulletin 223.

Softcover 14 cm x 22 cm 251 p. 1994
Cat. No. S52-2-223-1994 Canada: $24.95
ISBN 0-660-58984-2 Other countries: US$24.95

Vocabulary of the Transportation of Dangerous Good

s Contains 2,863 entries in a wide range of fields including physical and chemical properties of dangerous goods, production, transportation and commerce, materials handling, compatibility of materials, contaminant spills and movement, environmental protection, laboratory animals, health protection, safety and countermeasures, and contaminant analysis and levels. Terminology Bulletin 183.

Softcover 14 cm x 21.5 cm 481 p. 1988
Cat. No. S52-2-183 Canada: $18.95
ISBN 0-660-54198-X Other countries: US$18.95

Environment Terminology Series

Ozone Layer Dictionary

Includes approximately 1,000 concepts and 3,000 terminological units. Covers the important subfields of physiochemical reactions involving ozone in the atmosphere, atmospheric layers and symptomatology of skin cancers caused by the sun s rays. Terminology Bulletin 218.

Softcover 14 cm x 22 cm 493 p. 1993
Cat. No. S52-2-218-1993 Canada: $36.95
ISBN 0-660-58897-8 Other countries: US$36.95

Global Warming Series Volume I:
Contributors to the Greenhouse Effect

The greenhouse effect has inspired 7,000 entries focusing on global warming, a complete typology of major greenhouse gases, specifically CFCs or chlorofluorocarbons. Includes the terminology of atmospheric particles (aerosols) and air humidity (clouds), two greenhouse contributors whose behaviour is of vital interest to modellers. Terminology Bulletin 214.

Softcover 14 cm x 21.5 cm 597 p. 1992
Cat. No. S52-2-214-1992 Canada: $36.95
ISBN 0-660-57945-6 Other countries: US$36.95

Vocabulary of Hazardous Materials in the Workplace

Includes more than 10,000 entries from the terminology of the Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) and the Ingredient Disclosure List. Also covers vocabulary for occupational health and medicine, handling, emergency and safety measures, pollution, individual protection, and legislation. Terminology Bulletin 215.

Softcover 14 cm x 21.5 cm 1038 p. 1993
Cat. No. S52-2-215-1993 Canada: $39.95
ISBN 0-660-57958-8 Other countries: US$39.95

Municipal Terminology Series

Glossary of Health Services

Includes over 1000 terms and equivalents used by health professionals in nursing, rehabilitation, physiotherapy, nutrition, pharmacology, psychology, public health, social sciences, dentistry and optometry. This English-French/French-English glossary was compiled and prepared by Entraide Traduction Santé (ETS), a group of translators working in various health science fields. Also includes a number of official terms related to the health field in general. A practical glossary for health professionals, as well as for translators, terminologists and interpreters working in this area. Terminology Bulletin 205.

Softcover 14 cm x 21.5 cm 133 p. 1991
Cat. No. S52-2-205 Canada: $14.95
ISBN 0-660-56533-1 Other countries: US$14.95

Housing and Urban Land

Provides terms for zoning, land-use planning, and related topics such as housing, urban renewal, real estate appraisal, property law and taxation. Provides a basis for standardizing terminology used in development plans, municipal by-laws and provincial statutes. Terminology Bulletin 172.

Softcover 14 cm x 21.5 cm 420 p. 1981
Cat. No. S52-2-172-1981 Canada: $10.00
ISBN 0-660-50814-1 Other countries: US$10.00

Municipal Administration

This vocabulary will help in drafting and translating laws, regulations and other documents that concern Canadian municipalities. The administrative and technical terms will also prove useful to various other municipal organizations. Terminology Bulletin 168.

Softcover 14 cm x 21.5 cm 266 p. 1981
Cat. No. S52-2-168-1981 Canada: $10.00
ISBN 0-660-50810-9 Other countries: US$10.00

Urban Transportation

Provides equivalents for the most frequently used terms and incorporates terms from urban transportation sub-fields such as bicycle and pedestrian facilities, types of roads, traffic engineering and transportation planning. Terminology Bulletin 169.

Softcover 14 cm x 21.5 cm 306 p. 1981
Cat. No. S52-2-169-1981 Canada: $10.00
ISBN 0-660-50811-7 Other countries: US$10.00

Terminology Update

Distributed widely in Canada and abroad, the Terminology Update highlights research and current issues in the fields of terminology, linguistics and translation. The annual subscription includes four issues and an index.
(Public Works and Government Services Canada - Translation Bureau)

21.5 cm x 28 cm
Annual Subscription:
Cat. No. S52-1 Canada: $29.95
ISSN 0001-7779 Other countries: US$29.95

Thesaurus of Information Sciences and Technologies

If you re not quite sure how image analysis differs from wavelength division multiplexing or what DSU has to do with a modem, you ll want the Thesaurus of Information Sciences and Technologies in your reference library. This handy thesaurus from the Canadian Workplace Automation Research Centre (CWARC) gives users insight into vocabulary used for information architecture, multimedia systems and performance support systems. The English-French recto-verso format contains more than 3,000 terms, with an alphabetical and hierarchial list of generic terms as well as proper nouns identifying products, services and organizations. Bilingual.
(Communications Canada)

Softcover 21.5 cm x 28 cm 164 p. 1992
Cat. No. CO28-1-87-1992 Canada: $44.95
ISBN 0-660-57098-X Other countries: US$58.45


Without gambits, a chess game can't begin. Neither can a conversation. To help get a conversation going, we use gambits. Gambits are common English expressions that are used to begin, continue and end conversation. This series is ideal for English as a Second Language teachers who are encouraging students in intermediate to advanced courses to practice using gambits actively in conversation.
Gambits 1 introduces the first group of gambits, the openers. These are used to introduce a new topic with a phrase like, "You won't believe this, but... ." To teach students how to tie into something that has just been said, Gambits 2 explains links. For example, a link such as, "I think the real problem is..." might be used to state an opinion. Conversation is interesting because of the interaction between speakers. The response we get from others usually influences what is said next.
Gambits 3 teaches various kinds of responders. For example, we might say "Is that right?" to show surprise at what has been said. Gambits 3 also teaches closers, which help end a conversation using expressions such as "I should be going".
(Public Service Commission - Language Training Canada)

Gambits 1: Openers

Softcover 20 cm x 21 cm 57 p. 1976
Cat. No. SC83-99-5000-1001 Canada: $9.95
ISBN 0-660-11593-X Other countries: US$12.95

Gambits 2: Links

Softcover 20 cm x 21 cm 61 p. 1976
Cat. No. SC83-99-5000-1002 Canada: $9.95
ISBN 0-660-11594-8 Other countries: US$12.95

Gambits 3: Responders, Closers and Inventory

Softcover 20 cm x 21 cm 58 p. 1979
Cat. No. SC83-99-5000-1003 Canada: $9.95
ISBN 0-660-11595-6 Other countries: US$12.95

Telephone Gambits

For many second language learners, the ring of the telephone is a good reason to hide. It can be very difficult to understand the caller without non-verbal or visual clues. To help students gain confidence speaking on the telephone, Telephone Gambits teaches appropriate expressions and vocabulary specific to telephone conversation. Students learn how to use proper intonation and communicative noises such as mmh-hmm. Each lesson is centred around a particular function of telephone use, such as asking for someone or making an appointment. Proper telephone etiquette is a crucial element of second language education, making Telephone Gambits a valuable resource for beginner and intermediate courses.

Softcover 20 cm x 21 cm 47 p. 1980
Cat. No. SC83-99-5000-1102 Canada: $8.95
ISBN 0-660-10658-2 Other countries: US$11.65


Idioms add life and vitality to language. Without idioms language may be correct, but tends to be rather dull. Developed by Language Training Canada, the bestselling Idioms 1 and Idioms 2 are immensely popular in the language classroom. Using humorous cartoons, each booklet introduces second language learners to 150 common idioms and proverbs in spoken English that can be used in everyday situations or at the office. Both manuals contain self-evaluation tests and provide Canadian French and Spanish equivalents and English paraphrases. Designed for intermediate and advanced courses, the Idioms series includes a cassette that can be used for independent study.
(Public Service Commission Language Training Canada)

Idioms 1

Softcover 20 cm x 21.5 cm 87 p. 1980
Cat. No. SC83-99-5000-1071 Canada: $8.95
ISBN 0-660-10810-0 Other countries: US$11.65

Idioms 2

Softcover 28 cm x 21.5 cm 73 p. 1991
Cat. No. SC83-99-5000-1072E Canada: $8.95
ISBN 0-660-14221-X Other countries: US$11.65

Phonological Series

(Public Service Commission - Language Training Canada)

Rhythm & Unstress

One of the most challenging aspects of learning English is mastering the difference between stressed and unstressed syllables. The English language is characterized by stressed syllables at a regular interval of approximately half a second. For example, the syllables in a phrase such as "The cat is interested in protecting her kittens", might seem rushed to second language learners. Because English is not a syllable-timed language, it can be difficult for speakers of syllable-timed languages such as French, Italian, Cantonese, and Japanese. To help acquire the characteristic rhythm of English speech, Rhythm & Unstress helps students practice pronounciation with various exercises, such as metronome-timed drills, poems and dictation. A cassette is also available for independent study.

Softcover 18 cm x 23 cm 28 p. 1992
Cat. No. SC83-99-5000-1019 Canada: $6.50
ISBN 0-660-14406-9 Other countries: US$8.45
Audio Cassette:
Cat. No. SC83-99-5500-1019E Canada: $9.95 Other countries: US$12.95

Syllable Stress and Unstress

For native speakers of English, pronouncing "desert" two different ways probably rolls off the lips, but can leave new speakers tougue-tied. Native speakers may not know when the stress is on the last suffix. For that matter, they may not know what a suffix is. Luckily, pronunciation becomes a reflex action. Not so for those learning the language. But their struggles can be greatly eased with Syllable Stress and Unstress. This 50-page booklet, cleverly written and highly entertaining, is part of the phonology series produced by Language Training Canada, known worldwide for its second language training materials. The booklet's exercises and pronunciation drills are available on two cassettes.

Softcover 18.5 cm x 24 cm 56 p. 1976
Cat. No. SC83-99-5000-1012 Canada: $6.50
ISBN 0-660-12634-6 Other countries: US$8.45
Cassette 1:
Cat. No. SC83-99-5000-5012 Canada: $10.50
ISBN 0-660-12950-7 Other countries: US$13.65
Cassette 2:
Cat. No. SC83-99-5000-5013 Canada: $10.50
ISBN 0-660-12951-5 Other countries: US$13.65

GIFT Grammaire informatisée du français au travail (Computerized French Grammar for the Workplace)

Love to brush up on your French but have no time to attend classes? Help is just a diskette away. For a full description please see listing under Electronic Products.