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Canada Supreme Court Reports - Standing Order

Canada Supreme Court Reports Produced in three volumes yearly, each comprising about six parts issued periodically and containing an index and a table of contents. Since 1977, all judgements have been reported in a bilingual, easy-to-read format. Cases include background information, statutes and regulations, authors cited, analysis and the decision.
(Supreme Court of Canada)

Softcover 20.5 cm x 24.5 cm
Standing Order:
Cat. No. JU1-1-1 (Price varies)

Federal Court Reports Consolidated Index (1971-1984)

Indexes decisions published in the Federal Court Reports from 1971 to 1984 inclusively. Decisions are classified by the main subject dealt with and arranged chronologically according to the date that the judgement or order was rendered. This index is an indispensable tool for legal researchers. Bilingual.
(Federal Court of Canada)

Clothbound 18 cm x 25.5 cm 786 p. 1986
Cat. No. JU1-4-1984E Canada: $126.00
ISBN 0-660-12170-0 Other countries: US$163.80

Federal Court Reports Consolidated Index (1989-1992)

(Federal Court of Canada)

Clothbound 26 cm x 17 cm 287 p. 1993
Cat. No. JU1-4-1992 Canada: $125.00
ISBN 0-660-58036-5 Other countries: US$162.50

Trial Within A Reasonable Time

Justice delayed is justice denied. Prepared by the Law Reform Commission, this comprehensive study focuses on the front end of the criminal process, from the time a person is charged with an offence until the time that the trial begins. Proposes practical solutions to trial delays. Bilingual.

Softcover 16.5 cm x 25 cm 122 p. 1994
Cat. No. J32-1-67-1994 Canada: $29.95
ISBN 0-660-59103-0 Other countries: US$38.95

Library of Parliament Research Branch Publications

Highly popular and ideal research materials for high school, college and university teachers and students. Prepared for parliamentarians, these papers are updated regularly and contain a chronology of events, Parliamentary action and a select reading list.
(Library of Parliament - Research Branch)

Aids: Legal Issues

Current issue review 93-7E. References.

Softcover - 21.5 cm x 28 cm 18 p. 1994
Cat. No. YM32-1-93-7E Canada: $6.00
ISBN 0-660-15616-4 Other countries: US$7.80

Gun Control Law in Canada

Background paper BP-378E. References.

Softcover 21.5 cm x 28 cm 21 p. 1994
Cat. No. YM32-2-378E Canada: $7.00
ISBN 0-660-15652-0 Other countries: US$9.10

Revised Statutes of Canada 1985

The Revised Statutes comprise the following components: The Revised Statutes of Canada, 1985 are available in both a bound and a loose-leaf edition. Pursuant to subsection 9(4) of the Statute Revision Act, only the bound volumes have evidentiary value. Individual Statutes Individual statutes of the Revised Statutes of Canada 1985 are also available separately. They may also be purchased in a bound format (stapled) or as a loose-leaf format. A standing order service is available for each individual statute. Please contact our order desk for prices on individual statutes.
(Justice Canada)

For Ordering Information Contact Our Sales Desk At 819-956-4800

Statutes of Canada - 1994

Contains the Acts of the Parliament of Canada, passed in the year 1994, during the 42nd and 43rd years of the reign of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. These acts were passed during that portion of the 1st Session of the 35th Parliament that included the 1994 calendar year. Bilingual.

Volume 1: Chapters 1-20

Hardcover 21.5 cm x 26 cm 909 p. 1995
Cat. No. YX2-1994-1 Canada: $119.95
ISBN 0-660-59830-2 Other countries: US$159.95

Volume 2: Chapters 21-46

Hardcover 21.5 cm x 26 cm 576 p. 1995
Cat. No. YX2-1994-2 Canada: $89.95
ISBN 0-660-59831-0 Other countries: US$116.95

Volume 3: Chapter 47

Hardcover 21.5 cm x 26 cm 689 p. 1995
Cat. No. YX2-1994-3 Canada: $160.95
ISBN 0-660-59832-9 Other countries: US$209.95

Volume 4: Chapters 48-50

Hardcover 21.5 cm x 26 cm 640 p. 1995
Cat. No. YX2-1994-4 Canada: $69.95
ISBN 0-660-59833-7 Other countries: US$90.95

A Place Apart: Judicial Independence and Accountability in Canada

How accountable are judges for their decisions? Should they have greater independence? This study, by University of Toronto law professor Martin Friedland, examines the judiciary in Canada from a variety of perspectives and provides recommendations on these issues to the Canadian Judicial Council. Persons consulted include not only judges but also lawyers, government officials, administrators, and others. Topics include judicial selection, discipline, the administration of the courts, and more.
(Canadian Judicial Council)

Softcover 16.5 cm x 24.5 cm 424 p. 1995
Cat. No. JU11-3-1995E Canada: $ 29.95
ISBN 0-660-16166-4 Other countries: US$38.95

Table of Public Statutes: Table of Acts and Responsible Ministers

Lists all the chapters of the 1985 revised statutes and amendments, as well as other public acts and amendments from 1907 to the date indicated for each issue. Also listed are the ministers responsible for administering each act and amendment. Please note that this document is no longer included in the Canada Gazette, Part III.
(Justice Canada)

Volume 2, Issue 95-3. Updated to Dec 31, 1995.

Softcover 21.5 cm x 27.5 cm 342 p. 1994
Cat. No. J12-1-1995-3 Canada: $49.95
ISBN 0-660-59965-1 Other countries: US$64.95

Legal Terminology Publications

Researched and compiled by translators and terminologists, this series provides definitions and translations for specialized legal terminology. Titles include: Legal Glossary of Federal Statutes, Vocabulary of Family Violence, and Constitutional Glossary. For a full description of the titles available please see listing under Languages - Terminology Bulletins and Vocabularies.